Anti Cheat Blog

Greetings Titans!

As you’ll no doubt know, we’re constantly working to improve the way we detect and take action against players who cheat, hack, or otherwise exploit the game.

Today we wanted to share two important steps we’ve taken over the past weeks, along with why we think they’re going to make a big difference.

Firstly, in the past we have issued a mix of temporary and permanent bans in Dawn of Titans depending on the circumstances surrounding the offense. However, in future, all ban for cheating, exploiting or hacking will be permanent.

Secondly, we’ve made changes to the way we process cheaters. Historically, because our ban process was automatic, it could only identify and ban for very clear cut cases of cheating. While this took care of the obvious cheaters, it left room for less clear cut cases to slip through the net. What’s more, for non-automatic bans, we were relying on you to assist us in identifying and reporting suspicious characters for our team to investigate.

We’re happy to say that we’ve now introduced a new system which helps automatically flag suspicious characters to our team. These are players that don’t make the cut for automated banning (which will continue), but are still playing outside of normal limits. With this measure in place, we hope to be able to identify and action more cases of cheating/hacking sooner.

There’s still more work to be done and we have lots of small changes planned over the coming months which will, collectively, make big differences to the state of the game.

With all that said, we still need your help! If you come across players you suspect are cheating, hacking or exploiting, let us know and we can take the necessary action.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us in reducing cheating in Dawn of Titan, and see you on the Battlefield!

Design A Relic – Art Phase

Greetings Titans!

In Stage 1 of Design A Relic, you picked the all-important stats our new community Relic would feature.

Now that we have the stats, it’s time to decide how this brand new relic should look! Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Draw your design!

Here you can use any format – whether it’s a digital drawing or pencil and paper sketch, all that matters is you come up with a creative idea that fits in the Dawn of Titans universe. Oh, and your drawing must fit within a square canvas (no rectangle/long designs please!).

Step 2: Send us your design

Once you’ve created your artwork, visit <link> and upload your image along with the other information requested. Entry will close at 12:00PM GMT on Monday 11th March.

Step 3: Short listing

When the entry phase ends, we’ll host a series of knock-out polls on our Facebook page to decide our finalists. Our final shortlisting poll will close at 12:00PM GMT on Friday 15th March

Step 4: The final decision

As with every step of this community event, we want you to have the ultimate say. We’ll put the two most popular entries (as decided by you) to a final vote on Facebook to decide which artwork should make it into the game. The finalist poll will close on Sunday 17th March and we’ll formally announce the winner on Monday 18th March.

The Prizes

As though getting your artwork immortalised forever in Dawn of Titans wasn’t enough, we’ll also be offering up the following prizes:

Facebook Album semi finalists: 20,000 gems and the final relic when it launches in game

Facebook poll finalists: 50,000 gems, the final relic, and a signed Dawn of Titans poster

Design A Relic

Greetings Titans and welcome to DESIGN A RELIC!

In our latest community event, we’re giving you the chance to leave a lasting mark on the world of Dawn of Titans by helping design a special in-game relic!

Over the coming weeks you’ll have the opportunity to decide the stats, come up with the artistic design, and of course name a relic that will make its way into Dawn of Titans.

The event will be split into three phases, detailed below:

Phase 1 – Stats

Great relics need great stats. We’ll be offering you the opportunity to vote for the stats you think our community relic should have. In total we’ll have three polls:

Poll 1 (starts TODAY – 22nd Feb)

Poll 2 (starts MONDAY – 25th Feb)

Poll 3 (the winners from Poll 1 and 2 – starts WEDNESDAY – 27th Feb)

These polls will run on our Facebook and Twitter pages, so be sure to keep your eye on them!

Phase 2 – Art (Early March)

In our second phase we’ll ask you to send us your artistic impressions for how you think the relic should look in game. This isn’t about your artistic skill, your creativity is what counts! We’ll be taking a selection of our favourite entries and putting them to a public poll to decide the winning entry, which will then be sent to our Artists to create a faithful recreation of your design!

Phase 3 – Naming (Mid-March)

In our third and final phase, we’ll ask you to put the final touches to our community relic by coming up with the all-important NAME! Once again we’ll take our favourites and put them to a public vote to determine the winner.

Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels as we’ll be talking more about each phase as they approach. Oh, and for those who enjoy a good set of terms & conditions, we’ve provided a full run down of the rules below.

See you on the battlefield!

Update 1.28 Patch Notes


Update 1.28 is now available to download – here’s what you can expect:


Infiltrators and Berserkers will no longer exit their Charge state before attacking

Infiltrators and Berserkers will now always deal the correct amount of damage (3X) when Charging

Imperials will now start gaining Armor from level 11 up to a maximum of 80% from level 18 onwards

Starting from level 14, Goliath health will be increased between 7% to a maximum of +50% from level 20 onwards

Enemy Mossmane, Berserkers and Militia will now be more likely to target Goliaths, while Storm Maidens will be less likely to target Goliaths.

Previously, rangers and ranged troops would stay idle by default if there were no enemies within attack range. They will now actively seek out new enemies by default. We’d really like to hear your feedback on this change in particular, and may make further changes if necessary.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about all of the changes above – so head over to Facebook or Twitter to let us know!

See you on the battlefield.

Athena – Gods Arise

Hearing tales of a new land which boasts great champions, vast riches and rewards beyond measure, the Gods of Olympus have arrived in our world eager to show their prowess.

Gods Arise launches TODAY and brings with it a host of brand new God Titans inspired by the epic mythology of Ancient Greece.

The Gods of Olympus, extremely powerful in their own right, also bring with them the unique ability to summon powerful units to battle at any time, bringing new levels of strategy and tactical gameplay to the forefront of Dawn of Titans.

The first God to arrive is Athena the Warrior Goddess, with the ability to summon mighty Omega Storm Maidens to battle. These axe-wielding warriors deal vastly more damage and move much faster than regular Storm Maidens.

Pick up powerful new relics: Golden Apple and Plumed Helm to further increase the damage and health of your Omega Storm Maidens, regular Storm Maidens and your other Lightning Titans.

Athena is available to unlock as part of the Warrior Goddess event, live now! In case you missed it, check out our latest Live Stream for a closer look at Athena!

Goliath Changes

Greeting Titans,

Goliath fans rejoice! We have some exciting new changes coming to Ragnar Goliaths shortly. Read on for the full rundown.

As you’re probably aware, Goliaths are intended to be the ‘meat shield’ or ‘tank’ of your army – standing in the front line and protecting your more fragile troops from enemy ranged units. Currently, however, they just aren’t maneuverable enough to perform as a defensive unit and often struggle to engage with faster more agile units. With this in mind, soon we’ll be introducing a change to make Goliaths both larger and faster on the battlefield, which we believe this will greatly improve their defensive capabilities.

But that’s not all! While Goliaths have great base Health and Armor, they have traditionally lagged in terms of Elemental Resist stats, especially on Relics. As Dawn of Titans has evolved, this has impeded their survivability on the battlefield. To rectify this, we will soon be introducing 3* and 4* Goliath Belt Relics with POISON, LIGHTNING, FIRE, ICE and EARTH RESISTS as rewards in upcoming events.

As always we’d love to hear your feedback, so be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter to let us know your thoughts.

See you on the battlefield!