Game Update 14/01/2022

Please note that the information below is not final, and certain aspects may be subject to change.

As we enter the new year, we move into a new phase for Dawn of Titans. Looking forward, there will no longer be any leaderboard Events (e.g. Alliance War, Conquest etc.) going live in the game, and in addition, the ‘Live Update’ blog posts will cease from today, with only major updates and announcements added to the blog in future.

We aim to make the core Dawn of Titans experience more streamlined for players, and the following changes will be rolled out later today to accommodate this:

  • Reduced upgrade costs and times for all buildings
  • Temple Altar gem costs reduced by 50%
  • Divine Shrine Altar costs reduced by 50%
  • Raid Plinth cost reduced to 1 Portal Stone
  • Capture Plinth cost reduced to 2 Portal Stones
  • Raid Garrison cost reduced to 1 Portal Stone
  • Portal Stone Shop cost reduced by 50%
  • Portal Stone replenish time reduced from 7mins to 1mins
  • Portal Stone replenish cost reduced from 6 Gems to 2 Gems
  • Cost to Build Spells/Troops reduced to 1 Gold/Food
  • Cost to Fuse Titans reduced to 10 Food
  • Cost to Forge Relics reduced to 500 Food (base & additional)
  • Additional +100% XP when Fusing Relics
  • 3x guaranteed Reward Drops from PvP Battles

We want to thank our community and players for such a memorable past year with the launches of our greatest Titan collections and ultimate cosmic overlord, the Nexus – and as always, we’ll see you on the battlefield!