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  3. Alliance War – The Cataclysm
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    3. Milestone Rewards
    4. Alliance Rewards
    5. Chosen Titans and Boost Relic
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Today’s blog post will cover the main events that run through the 2021 Holiday period and into 2022. This will be the last blog post that goes live until the new year. Happy Holidays from everyone on the Dawn of Titans team, and as always, we’ll see you on the battlefield!

ALLIANCE WAR – The Lion-Hearted

STARTS: 16th December, 15:00 UTC
ENDS: 20th December, 09:00 UTC

Devastated by his failure to stop the encroaching Corruption at the hands of the Nexus, Heracles returns to the Shattered Kingdoms, Excalibur in hand, to face the wrath of his almighty Father.

Relic Overview:

Milestone Rewards:

Alliance Leaderboard Rewards:

The Chosen Titans for this event are:

  • 1.5x with ZEUS
  • 1.2x with 4* PHYSICAL TITANS
  • 1.1x with 3* PHYSICAL TITANS

The Boost Relic for this event is IRON CANDLE

ALLIANCE WAR – The Cataclysm

STARTS: 22nd December, 15:00 UTC
ENDS: 3rd January, 09:00 UTC

With the passing of the solar eclipse, a new dawn breaks, and sunlight once again reaches the lands of the Shattered Kingdom. Sensing the tide of war turning in their favour, the Archmages summon all remaining Gods and Titans to the Great Chamber beneath the halls of the Pantheon.

Representative of the Eternal Light and Keeper of the Knowledge, Minerva stands to address the gathering.

“Great Gods and mighty Titans of the land, the time has come to replenish the cosmos and begin the cycle anew.”

“The power of the Nexus is destined to consume all, but we stand as the last bastion against this inevitable threat. We must break free of the chains of fate and use their own power against them to make the Shattered Kingdoms reborn.”

“We must bring about the Cataclysm once more…”

Aware of his role, Korthan steps forward and meets her gaze, “Tell me what must be done, Sorceress.”

“Oh mighty Korthan, loyal King of the Realm, with the power of the Titans behind you we must ask you again to bring about the Cataclysm and return the world to an era of peace.”

Aware that this would bring about their end, the Gods and Titans fall silent. But as they begin to contemplate, they realise the gravity of their situation – only their collective power can save the lands from the Nexus.

With the chamber in agreement, the Titans, as they did many eons ago, harness their energies into the sword born of the Shattered Kingdoms itself – Excalibur. Having failed in his own attempts to drive back the corruption, Heracles approaches Korthan and returns the blade to its rightful master.

“Go now, King of the Realm. Face your arch nemesis on the Great Plains of the All-Mother, and when the time comes for your blades to meet, the power of the Titans will be unleashed and the world will be reborn into Light.”

With sword in hand, Korthan turns and leaves the chamber. 

Another age has passed.

The Cataclysm arrives once more as KORTHAN and ALMARAND clash in this special 12-day Alliance War starting Wednesday, December 22nd!

*When Frost Necromancer is summoned he will deal Ice Damage

Relic Overview:

Please note: The Mace of Kings and Doom Pauldrons Relics have been re-skilled with new Synergy effects. All current owners of the original Relics will have theirs automatically updated to these new skills when the event goes live.

A new 5* variant of the community-designed Elemental Grasp is available exclusively in the Milestone Rewards:

Milestone Rewards:

For this special 12-day Alliance War, we’ve added a number of additional Milestone Rewards at the end of the track, as well as included eight 4* Titans, two 5* Relics, and thirteen 4* Relics:

Alliance Leaderboard Rewards:

The Chosen Titans for this event are:

  • 1.5x with CHERNOBOG, BELOBOG
  • 1.2x with 4* ICE TITANS
  • 1.1x with 3* ICE TITANS

The Boost Relic for this event is FROST GLOBE


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