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  1. Alliance War – Solar Eclipse
    1. Titan Skills
    2. Chernobog’s Frost Maidens
    3. Belobog’s Magma Goliaths
    4. Relic Overview
    5. Milestone Rewards
    6. Alliance Rewards
    7. Chosen Titans and Boost Relic
  2. DoT Content Creators
  3. Unofficial Social Channels
  4. Official Social Channels

ALLIANCE WAR – Solar Eclipse

STARTS: 9th December, 15:00 UTC
ENDS: 14th December, 09:00 UTC

As Nexus’ reign continues, the sky grows darker with each passing day. Thick clouds of Corruption envelop the Shattered Kingdoms, and without natural light, the land and all who reside on it will inevitably perish…

Sensing their power weakening, Chernobog and Belobog begin an age-old ritual to cleanse the planet of its corruption. For when the star and moon align, it is said that the heavens will open, and all that is evil will be banished into shadow.

Chernobog’s Frost Maidens

Chernobog’s Prestige skills allow him to call loyal Frost Maidens into battle. These Ice-Element rangers spawn within your backline and each ranged attack has a 15% change to Freeze the enemy.

Their stats are as follows:

  • Units per Troop: 3
  • Health: 31,046 each = 93,138 in total
  • Ranged Damage: 2,986 each = 8,958 in total
  • All Elemental Resist: 30%
  • Armor Piercing: 50% in total
  • Armor: 50% in total
  • Critical: 5% in total

Belobog’s Magma Goliaths

Belobog’s Prestige skills allow him to call fiery Magma Goliaths into battle. These Fire-Element brutes spawn on random Enemy Troops and for every 10% health lost per Magma Goliath, a Fireball Spell will be cast within their Aura.

Their stats are as follows:

  • Units per Troop: 3
  • Health: 88,923 each = 266,796 in total
  • Melee Damage: 2,914 each = 8,742 in total
  • All Elemental Resist: 30%
  • Armor Piercing: 30% in total
  • Armor: 150% in total

Relic Overview:

Please note: The Total Eclipse and Blazing Sun Relics have been re-skilled with new Synergy effects. All current owners of the original Relics will have theirs automatically updated to these new skills when the event goes live.

Milestone Rewards:

Alliance Leaderboard Rewards:

The Chosen Titans for this event are:

  • 1.5x with ZEUS
  • 1.2x with 4* FIRE TITANS
  • 1.1x with 3* ICE TITANS

The Boost Relic for this event is FLAMING COMPASS


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