Live Update 20/09/2021


We have recently updated Nexus with the following changes:

  • Prestige 7 and Prestige 10 will now trigger when a Corrupted Titan is summoned, rather than on Corrupted Titan death
  • The radius for each Corrupted Titan has been increased by 60%
  • Fixed issue – not every Corrupted Titan was receiving additional Void Damage

Please note that the information below is not final, and certain aspects may be subject to change.


  1. Alliance War – Armageddon – The Nexus
    1. Relic Overview
    2. Milestone Rewards
    3. Alliance Rewards
    4. Chosen Titans and Boost Relic
  2. DoT Content Creators
  3. Unofficial Social Channels
  4. Official Social Channels

ALLIANCE WAR – Armageddon – The Nexus

STARTS: 23rd September, 15:00 UTC

ENDS: 28th September, 09:00 UTC

(Ending on Tuesday instead of Monday, providing a full 5 days to complete the event!)

The Nexus emerged on the horizon riding a cloud of shadow and death. As the armies formed their battle lines, the Gods nervously grasped their weapons waiting for Gaia’s signal. 

Growing impatient, and seeking to claim the glory for himself, Thor flung himself first at the foe. Weaving a cloak of lightning he charged into the clouds, thunder cracking with each heavy step.

Meeting eyes briefly with Gaia, Zeus joined his comrade in the clouds. Together the brothers of the storm weaved together a mighty force of lightning, calling upon all the power they could muster. Unleashing this force upon the Nexus the world flashed, and then there was stillness. Seconds later, no Thunder clapped. Instead, before the Nexus stood Zabava, her body ablaze with Gods’ lightning.

Spinning the energy into two great whips, Zabava brought down the Storm Gods to the feet of Nexus, who passed a hand over them. 

‘Rise, my servants’ Nexus incanted 

 Eyes glowing with corrupted malice, Zeus and Thor stepped in beside the Generals of Nexus’ forces.

‘FATHER!’ Ares cried as he rushed forward. With that Gaia gave the signal, and the Gods charged.

As his allies engaged, Korthan made one final pass of his battle lines. ‘Men of the Shattered Kingdoms! Go now into battle alongside your immortal brethren. Fight hard, and emerge either in victory, or raised up once again in the immortal realm!’

On the 7th day of battle, Ares and Korthan found themselves back to back slaying waves of horde. Spotting them, Necromancer wheeled around his greatest Bok’rug, standing on its back casting spells down at the soldiers in his way. 

‘Korthan, take this.’ Ares grunted as he threw his shield. Understanding, Korthan knelt and held the shield above his head. The War God then leaped, rebounding off the bronze aegis to the top of the Bok’rug – tackling Necromancer, and bringing him to the ground. There, in the heat of battle, Necromancer would battle the War God and the King of Men. While both sides suffered grievous wounds it was Necromancer who felt the tide shifting against him. That was when he pulled from his robes an enchanted golden pocket watch.

With Sempiternity in hand, Necromancer brought down upon them the eyes of Nexus. 

Watching the corrupted being float across the battlefield, Beowulf fought his way to his allies, knowing that Korthan and Ares could not stand against Nexus alone.

There, in the nucleus of battle Ares unleashed his greatest might, swinging his sword until it withered away into a stump – going on to slay a Bok’Rug with his bare hands.

When Beowulf arrived, Ares and Korthan stood above Necromancer, and claimed from him the timepiece. Only then bringing upon themselves the full wrath of Nexus. Turning to Beowulf, Korthan threw the timepiece. 

‘Go!’ He cried. ‘Flee for the hills, we shall hold this foul creature, but only for a time’

Fighting back a tear, and swallowing his reluctance, Beowulf fled. On this day, the forces of good would suffer a crushing defeat. With the timepiece, however, even Beowulf began to understand the passing of time was not fixed and hope still remained.

*Nexus’ spell casting time is reduced by 70% on Defense*

*All Titan buffs will also affect the Corrupted Titans*

Corrupted Titans

Nexus has the ability to summon possessed Corrupted Titans with immense power and bring destruction upon the enemy.

  • 80% the Health and Damage of their original forms
  • Armor = 300%
  • Armor Piercing = 300%
  • All Elemental Resist = 30%
  • Critical = 20%

On Defense Relic

Compete in the Time and Place Event (live now) to earn the Singularity Relic. This Relic will alter Nexus’ 2x Attack stats to work on Defense, alongside summoning 3x Bok’rugs on Defense.

Get these powerful Relics and more in the Milestone Rewards:

Nexus Relic Set (3 out of 4 Nexus Relics, from the set, available in this event):

Combat Relics:

Nexus’ final Relic to complete the Relic Set will come in an event in the near future:

Nexus Relic Set

Once Nexus has the following level 10 Relics Equipped (Genesis, Creation, Veneration, Sempiternity) it will increase the power of each Corrupted Titan.

Without Relic Set:

  • 80% the Health and Damage of their original forms
  • Armor = 300%
  • Armor Piercing = 300%
  • All Elemental Resist = 30%
  • Critical = 20%

With Relic Set:

  • Increased Size
  • 100% the Health and Damage of their original forms
  • Armor = 400%
  • Armor Piercing = 400%
  • All Elemental Resist = 50%
  • Critical = 30%

The Milestone Rewards are as follows

Includes 20,000 Gems alongside 2,300 Divine Gems

Players can look out for a FREE GIFT to be made available when the event begins!

The Alliance Leaderboard Rewards are as follows:

The Chosen Titans for this event are:

  • 1.5x with NEXUS
  • 1.4x with ALL GOD TITANS (table below)
  • 1.2x with 4* VOID TITANS
  • 1.1x with 3* VOID TITANS

1.4x boost will apply to all the following titans:

The Boost Relic for this event is ANCIENT REMNANT

New Avatars

Several new Avatars are slated to be released alongside the Armageddon Event:


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