The Immortal Game

UPDATE: The new Chess Piece 5* relics have been updated in game so their troop damage multipliers work in the same way as previous 5* sets. We’d like to thank the community for their videos and feedback alerting us to the issue. We’ll also be giving every player a free gift at the start of the next leader-board event on Thursday – see you on the battlefield!

Please note that the information below is not final, and certain aspects may be subject to change.


The Nexus studied the board patiently. Steadily, the pawns of the opposing forces inched towards each other vying for control of the battlefield. 

With precise timing, they moved the bishop into place. A portal opened up between the dimensions, and the sounds of battle could be heard echoing on the other side.

‘The time has come, Master! May your corruption embrace this land and feed upon the souls of those who stand in our way!’ Necromancer screamed as the portal’s energy grew more chaotic.

Patiently, they leaned back from the altar as a Solar arrow came rocketing through the portal, colliding with the ethereal board. 

The board shattered, and pieces scattered in an explosion of contrasting energies. Hyperion’s solar energy colliding with the portal caused the portal to vanish, along with 6 predestined pieces which slipped through the temporary veil.

The Nexus looked at the Cosmic Hourglass which sat on the altar, only a few drops remained to fall. Even a being as supreme as Hyperion could not hope to comprehend that he too, was but a pawn in the plan which continued to unfold.

These immensely powerful 5* relics will be available at altars in the Divine Shrine for 9,000 Divine Gems.

Like the Arthropods, these will be available in stand-alone altars for each relic.

SPPs can expect to receive these relics early next week, with a full release to follow soon after.


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