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  1. 1.42 Update
  2. Alliance War – Turning Tides – Oceanus
    1. Relic Overview
    2. Milestone Rewards
    3. Alliance Rewards
    4. Chosen Titans and Boost Relic
  3. DoT Content Creators
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1.42 Update

We are pleased to announce that 1.42 is now live across Android and iOS and should be available to download in your region.

You will need to be on this latest version in order to participate in the upcoming Oceanus Event starting this Thursday, 1st July. In addition, all players who update to 1.42 will receive the Ron’s Abacus Relic in a free bundle by Friday 2nd July.

Check out our 1.42 Release Notes blog for all the details on this new version.

ALLIANCE WAR – Turning Tides – Oceanus

STARTS: 1st July, 15:00 UTC

ENDS: 5th July, 09:00 UTC

For each day that passed without word from Eros, the hearts of the Olympians sank further and further into despair. While their ranks had been bolstered by the Archmage survivors, the signs of doom left no room for respite.

The rising full moon was meant to be the sign of Eros’ return, but when the fateful evening arrived the moon climbed high into the sky with no sign from the winged deity. In the final hours of the night, the allies sensed a tremor of energy and rushed outside their great hall. A portal opened in the sky emanating a distinctly Olympian energy, and the Gods rejoiced – anticipating the return of their beloved kin. From the portal, however, fell a single feather. The portal closed, and the shining feather fell softly to the ground. 

Before the tears had time to fall, the ground began to shake and crack with ominous energies seeping from the soil. 

‘It is too late…’ Gaia whispered

Dark clouds of Nexus energy preceded unstoppable waves of corrupted beings springing to the surface. With valour, the Gods of Olympus rallied behind Ares who charged first into battle to hold off the frenzied swarm.

Bronze clashed with bone in a storm of battle, but the enemies were beyond measure and the Gods knew they could not hold this back forever. It was then that Rostam reared his deformed face, laughing at the display before him. 

‘You fools. By standing against my master you have already doomed yourselves to an unimaginable death. Bend the knee now, and we may show you mercy…’ Rostam boomed as he continued to call waves of corrupted to the field.

‘I…’ Gaia choked before seeing a faint mirage growing in the distance. ‘What… but we are many leagues from the Haliacmon, how is that possible?’

The bracing sea winds were the first sensation to embrace the battlefield, followed by the caws of seagulls overhead, before finally it came into view. A colossal tidal wave rushed over the foes, sweeping away the horde and filling the gaps in the Earth. Even Rostam himself lost his footing and fought desperately as the water washed him and his minions back into the Earth.

Then, riding on the back of an armoured dolphin, OCEANUS came into view. 

‘My son…’ Gaia cried out as she fell to her knees. 

‘I have answered the call, Mother. The waters shall devour the bodies of those that dare to threaten our family.’

*Oceanus’ spell casting time is reduced by 50% on Defense

Waves of Potamoi

Oceanus the Primordial Greek Titan of the Seas, calls forth Waves of Potamoi, mighty Water Spirits with tremendous strength into battle:

*Potamoi (pronounced: Poh-Tah-Mee / IPA: Po̞ tɑ mi)

Get these powerful Relics and more in the Milestone Rewards:

The Milestone Rewards are as follows

The Alliance Leaderboard Rewards are as follows:

The Chosen Titans for this event are:

  • 1.2x with 4* ICE TITANS
  • 1.1x with 3* ICE TITANS

The Boost Relic for this event is CHALICE OF ICE

Oceanus Avatar

The Oceanus avatar will be unlocked during the event. The avatar will be available for all players.


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Below are some of the development team’s favourite unofficial Dawn of Titans channels and websites. These are great places to engage with the community, or catch the latest news and reactions to all things DoT:

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