1.42 Release Notes


Dawn of Titans’ new update – 1.42 – is almost ready to be rolled out, and will soon be available for all to download on Android and iOS. We aim to start the roll-out next week.

Here’s what you can expect…

  • Ancient Awakening – New Titans
  • Ron’s Abacus
  • Pantheon Collections
  • Divine Temple Update
  • Early Game Improvements
  • Kingdom Rush 
  • New Avatars
  • And More!


A great darkness looms over the Shattered Kingdoms, one which threatens the fragile stability restored by the Archmage Order. Sensing the encroaching doom, the Gods of Olympus cry out to their primordial ancestors for aid, realizing they are the only remaining hope. Now the smallfolk huddle in anticipation, praying that the calls will be answered.


Earlier this year we shared the solemn news that we had lost one of our beloved content creators, Ron Gamer. To celebrate all the work he did for the community we commissioned a special relic in his honour, which will be available in-game along with the 1.42 update.

All players will receive a copy of this relic in a free bundle which is set to accompany the client release.


A number of exciting new Collections will become available to players immediately after updating to 1.42:

  1. War Gods I Update
    • Ares
    • Frigg
    • Hachiman
    • Sekhmet
  1. War Gods II
    • Achilles
    • Nergal
    • Tengu
    • Totec

The Stag serves as a symbol of strength & war throughout many cultures. In the Shattered Kingdoms only the War Gods have the ability to fully harness its power!

  1. Seasonal – Chinese New Year 
    • Wukong
    • Pigsy
    • Lu Bu
    • Jinshu

The monk Tang Sheng bestowed this head band onto Wukong in the Journey to the West to teach him discipline and to help him unlock his full potential.

  1. Divine I 
    • Auria
    • Urkon
    • Oni
    • Huntress

For years beyond counting, generals and strategists of the Shattered Kingdoms have gathered at this table at the invitation of the wise and mighty Zalon. 

  1. Divine II
    • Lifespark
    • Necrosa
    • Nephelinis
    • Grothurn

Below the cloud veil abandoned mines where the Divine Gems were first discovered litter the landscape. Legends foretell that deep within one of these mines rests a precious stone that eclipses all that came before it.


Taking into account community feedback, and trying to improve the player experience, we are making a significant update to the Relic Altars in the Divine Temple.

With 1.42, the Arthropod Relics will be split out into 6 unique altars. Players will now be able to choose any Arthropod for the same price of 7,000 Divine Gems.

We also are looking to run more time-limited Divine Temple choice events for powerful relic sets, similar to the Staff Choice event that ran recently.

Please note that the update will also remove Nephelinis, Grothurn and the Opus Relics from the Divine Temple.


Multiple early game improvements have been implemented to assist with new players reaching the Shattered Kingdoms and entering Alliances.

All Gold Mines, Gold Vaults, Gold Storage, Farms, Food Reserves and Food Storage building upgrade costs and times have been reduced drastically for the majority of Castle Levels. 


For 1.42, we plan to turn on the Kingdom Rush Event permanently. This will mean that Neutral Lands can now be manually refreshed up to 5x each day, and at a 50% reduction on Gold cost compared to 1.41.

Our regular cycle of daily events will continue as normal, with Portal Surge set to return in the near future!


The highly requested Archmages are now available as Avatars in 1.42! 


We have much more in store for players coming up after the release which we will cover in subsequent blog posts as time goes on:

  • New Relic Sets
  • New Synergy Relics
  • New Invoke Effects
  • New Titans

We value your feedback on this new update, and we look forward to hearing from you across our official and unofficial social channels.

And as always, we’ll see you on the battlefield!