Live Update 02/06/2021

Please note that the information below is not final, and certain aspects may be subject to change.


  1. Altar of Abundance Update
  2. New Collection Relics
  3. Alliance War – Odin Finish+
    1. Relic Overview
    2. Milestone Rewards
    3. Alliance Rewards
    4. Chosen Titans and Boost Relic
  4. DoT Content Creators
  5. Unofficial Social Channels
  6. Official Social Channels


We want to thank all our players for their patience regarding the issues with the Altar of Abundance – Infiltrators event which was halted this week.

We have made the decision to work on getting these issues fixed for the next iteration of Altar of Abundance, due to start in less than 3 weeks.

A free bundle will be made available to all players alongside the Odin FINISH+ Event, starting tomorrow.


Players will shortly gain access to 2 updates in the Pantheon/Collection system:

  1. New Collection ‘Egyptian II’ introduced with the Aureate Scarab relic
    1. This Collection requires the following Titans:
      1. Aset
      2. Osiris
      3. Sobek
      4. Wadjet
  1. Alongside the new collection above we have made an update to the existing  ‘Egyptian I’ Collection relic Egyptain Amulet:

ALLIANCE WAR – Odin Finish+

STARTS: 3rd June, 15:00 UTC

ENDS: 7th June, 09:00 UTC

ODIN, the Norse All-Father, returns to the Shattered Kingdoms with an elite force of Storm Maidens – The Stormadottir.


Odin has the ability to summon Stormadottir when casting a Lightning spell. Stormadottir are more resilient, melee versions of the Storm Maidens with unique aura effects.

  • Each Stormadottir has 400% more Health than a regular Storm Maiden unit
  • Each Stormadottir has +75% Armor, +50% Armor Piercing & +50% All Elemental Resist.
  • Stormadottir are melee units: they have 300% Melee Damage and do not have a ranged attack

Get these powerful Relics and more in the Milestone Rewards:

The Milestone Rewards are as follows

The Alliance Leaderboard Rewards are as follows:

The Chosen Titans for this event are:

  • 1.2x with 4* LIGHTNING TITANS
  • 1.1x with 3* LIGHTNING TITANS

The Boost Relic for this event is STORM CANDLE


Check out some of the great DoT content creators and streamers across YouTube! Click the link on their names (listed alphabetically) to go to their channels, and hit that subscribe button to get their latest videos as and when they drop:

  • ΛѴΞИTΛĐƠЯ – Titan showcases, min-maxing, Titan builds.
  • BMT – Event overviews and live streams.
  • ChefBaseGod – Long time player and Discord-er returns with new content.
  • _Churro_ – Live streams, update videos and after-show gatherings.
  • Dee NTG – Insights from long-time player of DoT and leader of NTG.
  • F2P Zeus – Reactions, updates, battles, player profiles, Titan and Relic reviews.
  • Gaming on the Dark Side – Event showcases and grind tutorials.
  • Gason86 – Titan vs Titan content, event overviews.
  • Godan – Titan showcases, player showcases, games updates, opinions.
  • Ice Man – The Ice Man cometh…
  • Jasonjerome – Regular streams, event analysis.
  • Pisces Shark – Tips, opinions and showcases.
  • Poisson – Russian-language videos, Altar showcases, battle showcases.
  • Prometheo NTG – Titan and Troop meta analysis.
  • Ron Gamer – Tips and Titan showcases.
  • SoulJiahXD – Titan content, event overviews.
  • Vintage Plays – DoT community conversations, overviews and streams.
  • ZALON – Streams, discussions, roundtables (over 4-hour streams!)


Below are some of the development team’s favourite unofficial Dawn of Titans channels and websites. These are great places to engage with the community, or catch the latest news and reactions to all things DoT:

  • Yuki’s DoT Database:
    • View Titan, Relic, Troop and Spell stats.
    • Create builds of Titans, seeing the effects of Relics on stats
    • View other players’ Titan builds with recommendations
  • The Unofficial Dawn of Titans Discord:
    • Engage with the active DoT community
    • Find Alliances to join for upcoming events
    • Gain User Roles for your contributions


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