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UPDATE 19/05/21

A fix has been released for Everdure’s debuff attack which players commented on in yesterday’s SPP videos and live-streams. The number of instances has also been increased from 20 to 30.

ALLIANCE WAR – Everdure, Keeper of the Council

STARTS: 20th May, 15:00 UTC
ENDS: 24th May, 09:00 UTC

Everdure, Keeper of the Council – the highest ranking of all Archmages, slouched in his council chair as he scanned the room. While a few bodies filled the chamber, it was the vacant seats which stared back most loudly. What did it say that his closest and most trusted allies had abandoned the council? 

Before Everdure could contemplate it further, a great cataclysmic detonation shook the Archmage tower. A flash of corrupted energy enveloped the room, and Everdure passed from consciousness.

The chirps of birds and soft buzzing of insects were the first sounds Everdure could make out as he started to wake. A gentle rain fell on his face, prompting him to sit up and flicker open his eyes. Before the daze had even cleared, a stampede of Mossmane warriors on panther-back encircled the Archmage, as their captain trod forward and rested a spear against Everdure’s chest.

‘Hold your spear, young captain. I mean you no harm. Pray take me to your chief, time is precious and I do not know for how long I have laid here’

‘We have no chief.’ The rider answered. ‘Ever since Iyangura subjugated our people, myself and the other Apex Hunters have forged our own path’

‘Then we share a common enemy, my son. If you help me young rider, I swear that we shall cleanse the corruption together and restore these woods to their rightful masters.’

After helping him to his feet the captain explained everything to the old mage. Whatever force had destroyed the Archmage Tower had completely removed the veil in-between the realms. By some miracle Everdure had been blown clear of the tower ruins, where the captain confessed his riders found no survivors.

‘What about the Staff?’ Everdure exclaimed. ‘Did you see it? Is it still there?!’

‘What Staff?’ The captain remarked.

‘There is no time to lose’ Everdure stated. ‘If it fell into the wrong hands… Please, we must ride at once’

As the smoldering ruins of the Archmage tower came into view, Everdure’s heart sank; the bodies of his comrades littered the wasteland. Yet before he could mourn, Everdure caught sight of two figures skulking in the ruins. 

Nephelinis and Grothurn, sensing that the Archmage Staff had survived the explosion, were frantically moving rubble in search of the mighty relic.

Everdure advanced alone to meet them, and it was Grothurn who was the first to notice him.

‘What… Master? How did you…’ Grothurn  croaked

Before anyone else could speak, the buried Staff began to vibrate and glow with pure arcane energy. The rubble near Grothurn’s feet shook and it was he who was able to lunge first and grab the mighty artifact.

When Everdure tried to cast a spell to call the staff to him, Nephelinis unleashed a counter-spell that sent the old mage tumbling onto his back.

‘Grothurn, pass me the Staff now you imbecile!’ Nephelinis growled as she pounced on Everdure, trapping his neck with her boot.

Grothurn approached the scene, his palms sweating against the shaft of the Archmage Staff. 

‘No! Not like this!’ he cried before pushing Nephelinis over and dropping the staff into Everdure’s hands.

The Staff caused Everdure to levitate and gave him the power to restrain Nephelinis with roots and vines that materialised from thin air. The fiery apostate squirmed as Everdure floated down and placed the end of the staff against her forehead.

Grothurn’s entire body radiated with arcane energy as the staff burned bright in his hands. ‘NEXUS – release your corruption from this vessel. I call upon the spirits of the fallen council, free this sorceress!’

With a fierce scream and flash of light Nephelinis collapsed onto the floor.

Everdure reached out to help the young mage to her feet, slipping something into her hand as he did. ‘Rise, Pyromancer. We need your flame to guide the way; for the darkness we face is greater than any this world has ever witnessed.’

EVERDURE, the Poison ARCHMAGE, arrives in the Shattered Kingdoms this Thursday 18th May. With him ride the fearsome Apex Panthers, an elite cavalry who can overwhelm any foe!

Everdure, Keeper of the Council, has unique base Titan skills and stats:

  • Everdure’s base Titan All Elemental Resist is 70%
  • When Everdure’s attacks hit an enemy, he has a 50% chance to cast Poison Cloud on that enemy and reduce their Poison Resist by 5% (Max 30)

Apex Panthers 

When an Apex Panther is called, they arrive to battle in a pack of 3.

  • Apex Panthers have 60% Base All Elemental Resist.
  • Apex Panthers have 50% Critical Attack chance.

Get these powerful Relics and more in the Milestone Rewards:

The Milestone Rewards are as follows:

The Alliance Leaderboard Rewards are as follows:

The Chosen Titans for this event are:

  • 1.5x with GROTHURN
  • 1.2x with 4* POISON TITANS
  • 1.1x with 3* POISON TITANS

The Boost Relic for this event is CHALICE OF POISON


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