The Divine Arthropods

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For millennia, in the bowels of the Archmage citadel, Sorcerers clandestinely studied the less virtuous aspects of magic. After the council forbade the use of live subjects for experimentation, many had to resort to scouring nearby woods and caves for insects and arachnids which they smuggled into the citadel in vials hidden under their cloaks.

These arthropods proved valuable subjects, resilient and capable of withstanding immense magical experimentation. Fearing their own creations, some of the mages questioned whether they should entrust their specimens to the council for safe keeping, but it was already too late…

As the Apostates Nephelinis and Grothurn were making their escape from the Archmage Realm they rummaged for magical artifacts in every room; and in their carelessness, they brought down a shelf with a resounding crash of glass. With Archmages now passing regularly into the Shattered Kingdoms, many opportunistic arthropods clung to the lining of robes, in search of a worthy host.

Now loose within the Shattered Kingdoms, these small yet mighty specimens hold incomprehensible power for those with the will to harness them.

These immensely powerful relics will be available at an altar in the Divine Shrine for 7,000 Divine Gems starting tomorrow April 15th.


Alongside the new Arthropod Relics, we’ve made some updates to the Divine Shrine Relic Altars pricing. 

In Monday’s blog post we announced that we hoped to fully launch the Arthropods alongside the other changes today following this post. While we are extremely excited to see them launched, we would kindly ask for your patience for one more day while we finalise testing on 1.41. 

We aim to have everything live and available tomorrow, April 15th, when we will also be sharing another blog post. That blog will include the outline for Achilles’ triumphant return event, which will boast a new Synergy relic: Olympia’s Drepania.

SPPs can expect to have the Arthropods as well as Achilles’ new Synergy relic added to their accounts tomorrow shortly after the post goes live.

We know that excitement and anticipation are very high – so we’ve taken the opportunity to update the Calendar with the next 5 weeks worth of events.


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