Live Update (07/04/2021)

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  1. 1.41 Update
  2. Alliance War – Crystalis, The Cryomancer
    1. Relic Overview
    2. Milestone Rewards
    3. Alliance Rewards
    4. Chosen Titans and Boost Relic
  3. DoT Content Creators
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1.41.0 Update

A new version of Dawn of Titans has now been released to all players across Android and iOS. Please allow several hours for this update to appear on your App Store. Please update to this version at the earliest opportunity, as it is required to take part in the Crystalis Alliance War starting tomorrow at 1500UTC (the Event will not run on previous versions of Dawn of Titans). This version contains:

  • Upcoming Archmage Titans and Relics
  • New Synergy and Invoke effects
  • A brand-new set of Divine Relics – the Arthropods!
  • Foundations for upcoming balance tweaks
  • Bug fixes

ALLIANCE WAR – Crystalis, The Cryomancer

STARTS: 8th April, 15:00 UTC
ENDS: 12th April, 09:00 UTC

For millennia the order of Archmages watched the Shattered Kingdoms from a distance – omnipotently, as one observes a colony of insects, amused by their primitive grasp of the Arcane. While the scenes of mindless bloodshed had caused some to call for action, the code of the Archmages was clear; an Archmage may never play part in the trifles of other realms. In recent times, however, the Archmage Council grew increasingly concerned about the rifts in the Shattered Kingdoms, caused by the flagrant use of Nexus energies to further the Titans’ thirst for power. The flight of the Apostates had also caused some concern, which grew worse when it was revealed that the Pyromancer and Venomancer Opus’s had gone missing. The final straw was when news broke that the Necromancer had crossed into the Shattered Kingdoms to practise magicks forbidden by the council. With this act, they had shattered the delicate order the Archmage council had sought to preserve.

At her wits end, Crystalis, foremost of the Cryomancers, stormed from the council chamber and prepared a teleportation spell. As she focused on the Shattered Kingdoms, in search of beacons of Nexus energy, a fount of desperation and distress drew her attention to the Elithen Kingdoms where a creature of corruption was causing unfathomable misery and havoc. 

Crystalis’ passage through the realms did not go unnoticed, as soon as she materialised outside the city walls the Elithen across the kingdom could feel her power resonating. Matarus, the castellan, sensing that the being was not a foe, opened the doors of the city and bade her into his Throne room. Learning more about the fate of the old Queen, and the demon Mahaha, Crystalis explained this creature had to be stopped before its manipulation of Nexus energies caused irreversible damage. With fresh optimism Matarus sent his most trusted scout, Vixia, along with Crystalis to track down the demon once and for all.

While Vixia studied faded footsteps and frozen remains, Crystalis sensed veins of corrupted Nexus energies and the pair made steady progress across the tundra. After several days they arrived at the entrance of a glacial canyon. Narrow gaps in an ancient glacier showed signs of the creature, and when the wind died – one could hear the ceaseless cackles and shrieks deep within the canyon. The cackling crescendoed as the pair broke into a run, eventually stumbling into what appeared to be the inner sanctum. Bones littered the ground and the bare walls of ice reverberated with the sound of maniacal laughter.  Vixia notched an ice arrow scanning for the foul creature when she spied a figure in shackles hanging high on the wall. Emaciated and stripped of her armour, it was the old Queen, Progenitor. 

Vixia’s cry of ‘My Queen!’ echoed through the canyon, and for a moment the cackling stopped. In the silence, the walls of the sanctum begin to crack, with fingers and hands prying them apart from within. Fallen Imperials, animated by Nexus energies began to flood into the room from all sides. Vixia fired volleys of arrows at her fallen comrades while Crystalis began an incantation. Energy flowed through the glacier itself as Crystalis’ feet lifted off the ground and she hovered in the chamber. Vixia was struggling to hold the Corrupted Imperials at bay when Progenitor tried desperately to let out a warning, “It’s… Above…”

The lurking demon clung to the highest wall and let out a roaring shriek which saw his body crackle with Nexus energy. More Corrupted Imperials flooded into the chamber, and Mahaha prepared to pounce onto Crystalis whose eyes were closed in deep focus. As he leapt, Crystalis let out a fierce cry and sent a shockwave throughout the chamber. The corrupted foes all stood frozen in their tracks, and even Mahaha himself, caught in the aura, fell frozen to the ground. Vixia notched an arrow and approached the paralysed demon – who continued to laugh through a frozen smile. As she lined up her shot, Mahaha’s body crackled again with corrupted energy as a portal opened behind him. As she gazed into it she saw a faceless figure, hooded and obscured by Nexus energy drawing Mahaha away into a dark chamber of twisted creatures. Crystalis fell to her knees.

“It cannot be…We are already too late…”

CRYSTALIS the Ice ARCHMAGE arrives in the Shattered Kingdoms this Thursday 8th April. Experience a battlefield wracked by chilling energy – those who approach Crystalis’ aura are frozen in their tracks!

Crystalis, the Frost Archmage, grants herself and her army immunity to the Freeze Spell effect – units will not have their mobility halted by a Freeze Spell cast on them, but they will be damaged by the Spell.

Get her signature Relics and more in the Milestone Rewards:

The Milestone Rewards are as follows:

The Alliance Leaderboard Rewards are as follows:

The Chosen Titans for this event are:

  • 1.2x with 4* ICE TITANS
  • 1.1x with 3* ICE TITANS

The Boost Relic for this event is CHALICE OF ICE


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