Live Update (24/03/2021)

Please note that the information below is not final, and certain aspects may be subject to change.


  1. Relic Storage
  2. 1.40.2 (Android) & 1.40.1 (iOS)
  3. Alliance War – Sekhmet
    1. Relic Overview
    2. Milestone Rewards
    3. Alliance Rewards
    4. Chosen Titans and Boost Relic
  4. DoT Content Creators
  5. Unofficial Social Channels
  6. Official Social Channels


We’ve just begun our phased rollout of the increase to Relic Storage. Please be patient as we may take longer than usual during this rollout, as we must carefully monitor systems and servers during this process. 

Once you receive the data, you should see an additional 100 Relic Storage slots available from within the Relic Inventory, and 50 fewer Treasure Room slots (down from 500 to 450).

1.40.2 (Android) & 1.40.1 (iOS)

A new version of Dawn of Titans is now available on the Google Play and App Store – please update your game to get the latest data and assets for upcoming Events.

As stated in previous blog posts, this version does not support 32-bit devices, so if your device chipset is not 64-bit, you may be presented with a message such as “This app is not compatible with your device”.

Next week, we will stop supporting versions 1.39 and earlier, so please make sure to update to the latest version when possible. We recommend connecting to WiFi before downloading, as the size of the update could incur additional charges from your carrier/network provider if downloaded over a cellular network (e.g. 5G).

As a reminder, profiles and save data will not be lost upon transferring to a new device. By logging into the Google Play Games app or Gamecenter app with the same login credentials as your previous device, you will be prompted when starting Dawn of Titans on the new device of which profile you want to continue with (your existing one from a previous device, or a brand new profile). It is advised that you always keep a record of your Player ID and Zynga ID (ZID) in case you encounter issues when loading your profile on a new device. Please also make sure you save your account login information for the Google Play Store and Gamecenter apps, as these are used when connecting to Dawn of Titans to retrieve your data. 

If you wish to switch platforms from iOS to Android or vice versa, our Customer Support team can assist you in doing so. Please contact in-game support and have your original device ZID and new device ZID noted down, and we will help you transfer your profile.


STARTS: 25th March, 15:00 UTC
ENDS: 29th March, 09:00 UTC

Sekhmet returns with updated Prestige Skills this Thursday 25th March. Discover the mysterious power of her new Synergy RelicSekhem Scepter – which doubles the healing power of her skills!

Get these signature Relics and more in the Milestone Rewards:

The Milestone Rewards are as follows:

The Alliance Leaderboard Rewards are as follows:

The Chosen Titans for this event are:

  • 1.2x with 4* BERSERKER TITANS
  • 1.1x with 3* BERSERKER TITANS

The Boost Relic for this event is TORN PAPYRUS


Check out some of the great DoT content creators and streamers across YouTube! Click the link on their names (listed alphabetically) to go to their channels, and hit that subscribe button to get their latest videos as and when they drop:

  • ΛѴΞИTΛĐƠЯ – Titan showcases, min-maxing, Titan builds.
  • BMT – Event overviews and live streams.
  • ChefBaseGod – Long time player and Discord-er returns with new content.
  • _Churro_ – Live streams, update videos and after-show gatherings.
  • Dee NTG – Insights from long-time player of DoT and leader of NTG.
  • F2P Zeus – Reactions, updates, battles, player profiles, Titan and Relic reviews.
  • Gaming on the Dark Side – Event showcases and grind tutorials.
  • Gason86 – Titan vs Titan content, event overviews.
  • Godan – Titan showcases, player showcases, games updates, opinions.
  • Ice Man – The Ice Man cometh…
  • Jasonjerome – Regular streams, event analysis.
  • Pisces Shark – Tips, opinions and showcases.
  • Poisson – Russian-language videos, Altar showcases, battle showcases.
  • Prometheo NTG – Titan and Troop meta analysis.
  • Ron Gamer – Tips and Titan showcases.
  • SoulJiahXD – Titan content, event overviews.
  • Vintage Plays – DoT community conversations, overviews and streams.
  • ZALON – Streams, discussions, roundtables (over 4-hour streams!)


Below are some of the development team’s favourite unofficial Dawn of Titans channels and websites. These are great places to engage with the community, or catch the latest news and reactions to all things DoT:

  • Yuki’s DoT Database:
    • View Titan, Relic, Troop and Spell stats.
    • Create builds of Titans, seeing the effects of Relics on stats
    • View other players’ Titan builds with recommendations
  • The Unofficial Dawn of Titans Discord:
    • Engage with the active DoT community
    • Find Alliances to join for upcoming events
    • Gain User Roles for your contributions


Visit, Like, Subscribe and Follow our various official social channels to get the latest information and updates on the game:

And as always, we’ll see you on the battlefield!