Q&A Responses (19/03/21)

Thank you for all the questions submitted over the last few weeks – below are answers straight from the developers on your most pressing and requested questions! As a reminder, support queries and game issues that get submitted in the Q&A form will not be answered or picked up by our Customer Support team. Please direct all support questions through the in-game Help function. If you do not see your submitted question answered in this post, it may have already been answered in a previous Q&A blog, so please check those before re-submitting your queries.

When will the increase to Relic Storage arrive?

We are looking to rollout the increase to Relic Storage sometime between 23rd March and 1st April. We will have more details in an upcoming blog post, but we are planning for the new values to be:

Relic Storage600700
Treasure Room500450

The Golden Divine Relics only target Omega Troops, will they be updated to target new Troop types?

Yes, we are looking at retroactively updating the Golden Divine Relics sometime in the next few weeks. Their Invoke effects currently only react to Omega Summons, but with the addition of Corrupted Troops alongside the Dragonslayers, these Relics have less viability in the current meta. With the new update, all Golden Divine Relics will now react to both Corrupted Troops and Omega Summons.

Corrupted Militia never materialized within the Dragonslayer meta, will we see a Titan with Corrupted Militia Troops soon?

We have plans to release a Titan with Corrupted Militia as part of their army very soon. In fact, the much debated “Equinox” event will be the Alliance War that features this very Titan. Some say she was brought to the gates of the Underworld before she regained life…perhaps she learned of the Nexus and Corruption in this brush with death…

Can you give more details on the upcoming Altar of Abundance?

The upcoming Altar of Abundance will be a little different from the last one. We know the community enjoyed the most recent iteration where we enabled the use of Epic Tokens for a chance to win an array of highly desirable relics. In order to run the event more often, and keep the altars exciting and different each time we are working on crafting drop pools which we are confident will be top class.

Will there be more Divine Relics in future?

Yes, we have plans to release a new set of Divine Relics in the coming months. Whilst we can’t give too much away today, we are working hard to design them around our current meta and iron-out any bugs we encounter during testing.

Nephelinis and Grothurn’s Synergy Relics have been with SPPs for over a week, is there an update on when they will be released?

With new Divine Relics on the horizon, we have a lot of players asking about Divine Titans. The new wave of mighty magicks and sorcery in the Shattered Kingdoms leaves no room for Titans to grow complacent – Nephelinis and Grothurn especially. 

As was announced on the blog a few weeks ago, these apostates on the run are clambering frantically to uncover the ancient tomes of their orders, to learn secrets which will be key to their survival. Armed with these Opus Relics, Nephelinis and Grothurn aspire to stand against the Archmages in the impending war which threatens to wipe out the Shattered Kingdoms once and for all…

We thank our SPPs and players sincerely for their work so far in showcasing these relics in recent weeks. We also would like to reiterate that we are listening to you and value your suggestions and input on all matters, but especially so with this balance consideration. We currently don’t have a release date planned, as we hope to work with the community in the coming weeks, and take as much time as is needed before the Relics become available to the public.

Can you explain the changes that have been made to Alliance War Milestone and Ranking Rewards with recent events?

We have recently introduced a number of changes to Milestone and Ranking Rewards for specific Alliance War Events in Dawn of Titans. For a number of months, our team has been hard at work analysing player data during Events, and looking for ways to improve rewards for those that participate in Events by earning Souls. As a result, we have made a number of changes to Milestone Rewards over the last six months, such as:

  • Increase in the number of Portal Stones available.
  • Increase in the number of Gems available.
  • Increase in the number of Event Tokens available.
  • Increase in the number or rarity of XP Potions in the track.
  • More 4* Titans available during select Events.
  • More 4* Relics available during select Events.
  • Increase in the number of Chosen Titans that provide a 1.4x Boost for select Events.

With these changes, we aim to increase Event participation across the playerbase, from low level to max level players. By adding more Portal Stones in the Milestone track, for example, we now provide more direct opportunity for a broader range of players to engage in Events and achieve higher Soul counts than ever before.

In addition to these updates, we’ve also made changes to the Ranking Rewards for select weekend Events. For future Alliance Wars (starting March 18th 2021), the Ranking Rewards will largely follow the template below (subject to change):

  • At Rank 1:
    • New Reward: Lvl60 Event Titan
    • Previous Reward: Lvl40-50 Event Titan
  • At Rank 2:
    • New Reward: Lvl50 Event Titan
    • Previous Reward: Lvl30-40 Event Titan
  • At Rank 3:
    • New Reward: Lvl40 Event Titan
    • Previous Reward: Lvl20-30 Event Titan
  • At Rank 4-5:
    • New Reward: Lvl30 Event Titan
    • Previous Reward: Lvl10-20 Event Titan
  • At Rank 6-10:
    • New Reward: Lvl20 Event Titan
    • Previous Reward: Lvl5-10 Event Titan
  • At Rank 11-50:
    • New Reward: Lvl10 Event Titan
    • Previous Reward: Lvl1 Event Titan
  • At Rank 51-100:
    • New Reward: Lvl1 Event Titan
    • Previous Reward: Lvl5 Intermediate Titan
  • At Rank 101-250:
    • New Reward: Event-Themed Elemental Token (e.g. Void Elemental Token)
    • Previous Reward: 4,000 Gems
  • At Rank 251-500:
    • New Reward: All Elemental Token
    • Previous Reward: 3,000 Gems
  • At Rank 501-750:
    • New Reward: 2,000 Gems
    • Previous Reward: 2,000 Gems
  • At Rank 751-1000:
    • New Reward: 1,200 Gems
    • Previous Reward: 1,200 Gems
  • At Rank 1001-2000:
    • New Reward: 600 Gems
    • Previous Reward: 600 Gems
  • At Rank 2001-10000:
    • New Reward: 200 Gems
    • Previous Reward: 200 Gems
  • At Rank 10001-1000000:
    • New Reward: 100 Gems
    • Previous Reward: 100 Gems

With these changes, we aim to provide increasing value to all players as they climb the ranks, and reduce the friction for Alliances and Alliance Leaders caused by attempts to drop or climb positions, often during the final hours before an Event ends.

In addition, we want to award more players with the main Event Titan, and provide enough 4* Titans to give even more players a chance to compete in higher Leagues and utilise the Titan Prestige feature introduced to the game last year. By doubling the number of Alliances that get rewarded the main event Titan (increase from Top 50 to Top 100), we believe obtaining a strong, meta Titan is now more achievable for a significant number of players.

It should also be stated that some of these changes have been made to discourage unintentional or unbalanced behaviours we discovered during our analysis of Event participation. For example, some players were utilising certain playstyles to achieve Ranking Rewards with low participation and Soul counts that do not reflect the intention of the leaderboards and Alliance War Events. We believe players should be rewarded for their participation and efforts, and Alliances should be recognised for banding together, maximising their numbers, and setting goals for their members with each Event. We do not want to incentivise kicking of Alliance members, swapping Alliances or halting members from earning more Souls.

As with all changes made to the game, we will be closely monitoring the response from the players, and we will continue to make changes if we feel they are necessary. We want to remind the community that we do take all feedback from all our channels on board, and we thank you for getting in contact with us to let us know your thoughts on any and all aspects of Dawn of Titans. We are incredibly grateful and proud of the strong community that DoT has developed over the years, and we hope you are looking forward to our upcoming Events with all-new pantheons of Titans and exciting new story developments.

Can I transfer my profile from one device to another, and from iOS to Android and vice versa?

Profiles and save data will not be lost upon transferring to a new device. By logging into the Google Play Games app or Gamecenter app with the same login credentials as your previous device, you will be prompted when starting Dawn of Titans on the new device of which profile you want to continue with (your existing one from a previous device, or a brand new profile). It is advised that you always keep a record of your Player ID and Zynga ID (ZID) in case you encounter issues when loading your profile on a new device. Please also make sure you save your account login information for the Google Play Store and Gamecenter apps, as these are used when connecting to Dawn of Titans to retrieve your data. 

If you wish to switch platforms to from iOS to Android or vice versa, our Customer Support team can assist you in doing so. Please contact in-game support and have your original device ZID and new device ZID noted down, and we will help you transfer your profile.

You didn’t give us any lore context for Mahaha, Beowulf or Gaia like you did with the other Dragonslayers. How come?

As with all the Dragon Slayers, the relics were named with historical context and existing legends in mind. We know that it’s only a small, but highly enthusiastic, segment of the player base who take interest in the Relic names – so below is just a snippet of two of our favourite Relics from the 2nd half of the Dragonslayers:

Mahaha – Heart of Tizheruk

The legend of Mahaha comes from Inuit mythology, where tales are told of a sinewy, icey blue demon who tortures his victims to death with long vicious claws. When his work is done, the victim is left frozen in the snow with an unsettling smile wide across their face, as the howls of laughter from Mahaha echo in the distance.

The Heart of Tizheruk belongs to the most legendary of Inuit sea serpents. This illusive and deadly creature made home in the freezing north Pacific waters off of modern-day Alaska, where the Native peoples say that  unsuspecting victims would be snatched off of a pier never to be seen again. Perhaps a hungry and desperate Tizheruk attempted to snatch Mahaha off the ice one day, only to meet their own gruesome demise…

Beowulf – Heart of Hwit Draca

The Legend of Beowulf is the longest epic poem written in Old English, and is widely regarded as the most important and translated works of Old English literature. With manuscripts dating back as far as 1000 AD, the story has permeated into many parts of European literature, and indeed, is likely the source of many notions on Dragons and dragon slaying.

Interestingly, we couldn’t find a version that names the Dragon which Beowulf slays; instead it was always referred to simply as ‘The Dragon’. Hwit Draca is Anglo-Saxon for White Dragon, or The White Dragon – to give the relic name more character, but also make reference to the Anglo-Saxon origin of the myth. In the British Isles the White Dragon was a predominant symbol of the Anglo-Saxons, often opposed to the Red Dragon which symbolised the ancestors of the modern day Welsh (who to this day display a Red Dragon on their flag).

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