Q&A Responses (19/02/21)

Thank you for all the questions submitted over the last few weeks – below are answers straight from the developers on your most pressing and requested questions! As a reminder, support queries and game issues that get submitted in the Q&A form will not be answered or picked up by our Customer Support team. Please direct all support questions through the in-game Help function. If you do not see your submitted question answered in this post, it may have already been answered in a previous Q&A blog, so please check those before re-submitting your queries.

After updating my game on Android, I see a blank screen
presented to me on boot. Is there a fix coming for this?

Yes, there is now a new version available on Google Play (1.40.1) that should fix the blank screen issue on boot. Please visit the Google Play Store and check that you have the latest version, and upon updating, please load the game and wait up to a minute to allow it to update and retrieve your profile details. If the problem persists, try force closing the game and deleting your app cache before restarting. To delete your app cache, follow these instructions:

  • Open the Settings menu on your device.
  • Tap the Storage or Apps option on your Settings menu.
  • Tap the Other Apps or Manage Apps heading to see a list of your apps..
  • Find Dawn of Titans app from the list and tap.
  • Find the Storage options and/or locate the Clear Cache function.

Some devices have different methods for clearing the cache of apps. If the above instructions did not work for your device, please search online for “how to clear cache for apps on [enter your device here]”.

Dawn of Titans does not work on my iPad (2nd Gen) after
getting the 1.40 update. Is my device still supported?

Unfortunately, with the 1.40 update for Dawn of Titans we have had to increase the minimum supported version of iOS to 11. If your iOS device cannot update it’s firmware to iOS 11 or higher, then Dawn of Titans will no longer work on your device. The following iOS devices are not supported by Dawn of Titans in 1.40 onwards:

  • iPad (4th generation)
  • iPad (3rd generation)
  • iPad (2nd generation)
  • iPad Mini (1st generation)
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPod Touch (5th generation)

If your device is on iOS version 11 or higher and Dawn of Titans is not working, then please contact Customer Support for assistance.

Will you be adding Relic Synergies to old Relics?

Yes, in future events we will be adding Relic Synergies to selected Signature Relics. These changes will be retroactive, and all players that already own the Relic will have it automatically updated with the new Synergy effect upon release. The next existing Relic to receive a Synergy effect will be the mighty Norse 5* Divine Relic – SVERÐ OG SKJÖLD. This Synergy will help increase the power of reborn Valkyrie… more details to be revealed soon!

Can you give us an update on Relic Storage?

We are in the final stages of preparing to increase Relic Storage for all players. Our current plan is to roll out an increase of 100 Relic Slots by the end of the month. This will be released as part of a staged rollout, so some players will find the additional slots are available to them before others – this is intentional, and we thank you for your patience during this process. We will look to roll it out to all players as soon as we can.

As part of the increase of Relic Storage by 100 slots, we will be making a reduction to the overall inventory size of the Treasure Room by 50 to account for this. This is a necessary step to ensuring the game continues to function correctly after the change is made.

The new values for Relic Inventory and Treasure Room size will be:

Can you give us more information on the upcoming Pantheon?

Since Titans began to harness the power of Nexus Energy, the very fabric of time and space started to shift – warping the very nature of the land, and the fundamental laws that held it together. 

An ancient society, aware of the impending calamity that would be brought on by this collapse in natural order, gather their mightiest warriors and descend on the Shattered Kingdoms, but they are not the only ones aware of this change…

A mystical entity. A formless evil, long-remained hidden in the shadows, has arisen. It seeks only a singular goal – find the original source of the Nexus Energy within the Shattered Kingdoms and take the power it holds for themselves.

Was Altar of Abundance a one-off or will it be returning?

We have plans for Altar of Abundance to return with a different theme and rewards in the near future. As with the last event, players will be able to redeem their Epic Tokens and Titan Tokens at the special Altars available only for the duration of the Event.

Are there plans to bring back Anchoring?

There are no plans to reintroduce anchoring into Dawn of Titans. Anchoring ended up inhibiting League gameplay and the seasonal battle to become the top Alliance. Repeated communications and feedback from players suggested that the feature was disliked, and the decision was made to permanently remove it.

This week, the blog’s Calendar was updated with almost a month’s worth of Events. Is this something you plan to continue doing?

We always aim to update the Calendar with all future events that are confirmed internally and have gone through a process of testing and iteration. We will continue to give as much notice as we can to the community, but we will only do so where we are certain that the calendar of Events is locked in and unlikely to change. 

Publishing Event details too far ahead in the schedule may lead to disappointment amongst players and alliances if we have to make changes along the way. Recent player feedback has been overwhelmingly in favour of waiting until details are unlikely to change before they are posted. Please remember, though –  the information posted in our blogs and Calendar tab is still subject to change after publishing.

What are the next set of Relics coming to FINISH+ events?

The next Relics coming to our FINISH+ Alliance War Events will be the Norse 5* Divine Relics, the first of these will be available in our upcoming The Valkyrie Reborn Event on March 11th.

Can you give an example of a Prestige Skill change that will be
coming after the 1.40 release?

While we can’t yet fully reveal the upcoming changes for particular Prestige Skills, we can discuss our intentions with these improvements. 

There are specific, existing Titans with unique combinations of Titan Elements and Troops. We will be addressing those Prestige Skills so they better fit the Titan’s skill set. 

Other Titans will be receiving retroactive Prestige Updates during events, as seen with the current Necrosa event. 

This week’s Assault Event had fewer rewards in the Milestone track.
Is this going to be the case for future Assault events?

For our most recent Assault Event, we trialed a new Milestone Rewards track with a significantly reduced score to reach the end Milestone Reward. This decision was made based on a multitude of feedback from the community about previous Assault Events – a lot of players felt the total score required to claim all rewards in the track was too high, and that, due to the nature of the event and the longer time spent in battles (on average), there was significant grind required in order to get rewards, which hampered player’s enjoyment of the Survival game mode itself. 

Whilst the total score for the milestones has been significantly reduced, the quality, rarity and amount of rewards given up to the 170,000 cap is now substantially improved from previous Assault events.

We welcome your feedback on this change, and we are making more adjustments to our next iteration of Assault as we speak.

What are the effects and stats of the Draco Umbra Relic
in next week’s Solo War?

Below are the effects of the Draco Umbra Relic, available in the Solo War starting February 23rd at 1500 GMT:

Will the “Ice Fragment” or “Bone Dreg” Relics
return for future Events?

These Relics were themed collectables that were used to redeem certain rewards during the Event period they were available for. As stated at the time, these Relics do not carry forward into any future Event and must be redeemed in the Altars that were available for the duration of the Event they were associated with. 

Relics such as these that are still owned by players can be used for fusion or for sale, but will not be used in any future Event or Altar.

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