Update 1.40 Release Notes

Dawn of Titans’ new update is almost ready to be rolled out, and will soon be available for all to download on Android and iOS. 

Here’s what you can expect from version 1.40!


Get ready for the new era of Dawn of Titans! The constant manipulations of Nexus Energy at the hands of the Titans will not go unpunished… The very fabric of time and space has begun to unravel, and an ancient society, aware of the impending calamity, gather their mightiest warriors and descend on the Shattered Kingdoms.


We have added the ability to delete items directly from within the Treasure Room – this should prevent your Treasure Rooms from filling up by allowing you to remove unwanted items directly.

For the initial launch, only the following items can be deleted:

  • Spells
  • Troops
  • Food & Gold
  • 1-2* Relics
  • 1-2* Titans

Rewards that do not fall into these categories cannot yet be deleted – this is to prevent accidental deletion of high-rarity and high-value items. We will keep a close eye on player feedback, and will add more categories to the ‘able to delete’ list if the community requests so.


We’ve implemented a new feature into Dawn of Titans that gives you the choice to instantly defend any undefended lands you have in your Kingdom. This appears as a new button labelled ‘AUTO DEFEND’ in the Land Inspector side panel that opens when you tap on a land you own.

For this initial launch, we’ve implemented some basic logic for how the game decides which Titans, Troops and Spells to assign:

  • The Troops and Spells assigned are based on the last manual deployment of Troops and Spells for a previous land.
    • I.e. if your last land was manually defended with one Militia, two Panthers, 3 Terror Spells and 1 Poison Cloud, the AUTO DEFEND will assign those same Troops and Spells to the next land.
  • The Titan assigned is selected at random from your inventory, but with higher rarities assigned first.
    • E.g. if you have two 4* Titans and five 3* Titans in your Hall of Titans, the two 4*s will be first assigned (at random), followed by the 3* Titans.

We’ll keep a close eye on feedback for this feature, and look to update the automatic logic if the community requests it.


We’ve added a new Dragonslayer Titan Pantheon Collection with the 1.40 update: 

To complete the Collection, you must own the following Titans:


The Collection has 3 Tiers: 

  • To complete Tier 1, you must own each Titan
  • To complete Tier 2, each Titan must be Level 20 or higher
  • To complete Tier 3, each Titan must be Level 40 or higher

The rewards for each tier in the Collection are as shown:


With 1.40, we’ve added the ability for Relics to have Synergies with specific or grouped criteria (e.g. when equipped to a certain Titan). For the launch of 1.40, you will find this new Synergy effect equipped to the AMBER OF DRAGONS Relic obtained exclusively through the Dragonslayer Pantheon Collection.

Look forward to more Synergies for new and existing Relics in future.


We have added new interactions to all locations in-game where you access your Relic and Titan inventories! These new arrow icons allow you to scroll through your Relics and Titans with just the tap of a button!

These buttons directionally scroll through your entire inventory in seconds. This should make it much faster to navigate to desired Relics and Titans in your collection.


In 1.40, Corrupted Troops now have alternative, mauve-coloured icons in battle to make them easier to distinguish amongst normal Troops. Like Omega Troops, this only applies on Attack – defending units will always have red-coloured icons.


We’ve added the following additional Avatars to 1.40:

  • The Boars
  • Vixia
  • Sulzar
  • Freya
  • Crothos
  • Calvarax 


There are several changes which have been implemented into the 1.40 version, but will be releasing at a later date, after launch:

  • Prestige Skill Updates – The team will be buffing several Prestige Skills post 1.40 launch. These improvements will be retroactive and apply to all current owners of these Titans. More details coming soon.
  • Grenadier meta change – The team are also working on improving the Grenadier play experience and plan to update this soon after the launch of 1.40. Keep reading the weekly blog updates for more information.

We value your feedback on this new update, and we look forward to hearing from you across our official and unofficial social channels.

And as always, we’ll see you on the battlefield!