Bi-Weekly Q&A (04/12/20)

Thank you for all the questions submitted over the last few weeks – below are answers straight from the developers on your most pressing and requested questions! As a reminder, support queries and game issues that get submitted in the Q&A form will not be answered or picked up by our Customer Support team. Please direct all support questions through the in-game Help function. If you do not see your submitted question answered in this post, it may have already been answered in a previous Q&A blog, so please check those before re-submitting your queries.

Do you actually take these questions from the Q&A Form?

Since we started the community Q&A, we’ve received a huge outpour of community messages and questions. While we can’t feasibly answer all of them, we do our best to address the broad themes and topics that come through each fortnight. One way we try to address queries is by paraphrasing and grouping them together thematically. For example:

‘You didn’t post any stats on the corrupted panthers. Could you update the post with that information?’


We would summarise these two questions, and the many others like it, and write in the Q&A:

Could you please share with us the stats on Corrupted Panthers?

So while this question wasn’t asked verbatim, we believe it is an honest reflection of a query posed to us by a significant number of players. 

It is worth reiterating that the Q&A is a platform for asking questions that then get answered by the DoT development team. Statements, support queries and issue reports are not acted upon or forwarded to the development team via this platform, so please use our in-game Help service for these matters, as they will not be addressed through the Q&A. 

In addition to this, the use of foul language, threats, accusations and insults in the responses we receive may result in a full shutdown of the Q&A Form and process: we ask that you be considerate when writing your questions.

Could you please share with us the stats on Corrupted Panthers?

Apologies for not including this in the Iyangura blog post, but below are the Corrupted Panther stats:

Corrupted Panthers have the following stats when compared to normal Panther troops:

  • +150% Health
  • +150% Damage
  • Approximately +100% Speed
  • +10% Critical
  • -30% Armor (at level 25)

Their base resistances come into effect from level 21 onwards, and are: 

What was the inspiration behind Iyangura and her Relics?

Iyangura is a central character in The Mwindo Epic, one of the most substantial pieces of African oral literature that references Dragons. It is not known for how long the Nyanga (a tribe from the modern-day region of Congo) have recounted this spoken legend, but it is believed to be very ancient. 

While the epic revolves around Mwindo, the nephew of Iyangura, and his hero’s journey, the first quarter or so of the tale is about Iyangura and her relationship to the mythical water-serpent, Mukiti. As the story progresses Iyangura goes on to play the role of confidant and adviser to Mwindo, shaping him into a righteous and forgiving chief.

The Egg of Kirimu addresses the all important Dragon in The Mwindo Epic. In the story, Mwindo slays Kirimu for attacking his hunting party, then has him cooked and served to the tribe. When the Gods smell the burning flesh of their sacred ally, Mwindo is whisked into the heavens where he is bombarded by the Moon God, Mweri, and Sun God, Kentse (referenced in Iyangura’s 4th skill). After his ordeal Mwindo returns as chief, but with a greater sense of humility and wisdom.

Mukiti’s Crown, worn by Iyangura, is a relic from her marriage with the mythical water-serpent. Mukiti plays an active role in the story, as a husband, a chief of his own village, and at times, an antagonist to Mwindo. Early in the story, Mwindo is imprisoned inside a drum by his father and cast into the River in exile. As the drum makes its way downstream, Mwindo is able to steer it towards Iyangura so that she can free him; but the journey is fraught with peril. Mukiti sends waves of hostile crabs, fish, and other mythical beasts to impede him – including Kasiyembe, Iyangura’s bodyguard, referenced in her second skill slot. 

Mwindo’s Tether is a magical item pulled straight from the legend. This item is both a physical and metaphorical connection that Iyangura and Mwindo share throughout the legend. When Mwindo travels to the underworld to track down his father, he gives Iyangura one end of this rope saying, “if (one day) you feel that this rope has become still, if it does not move anymore, then pay no more attention to where I have gone; lo! The fire has dwindled; I am dead then.”

Have there been any changes to Tarhunz’s skills recently? Some players are claiming his skills were changed this week?

There have been no changes to Tarhunz’s skills since his release – if players are experiencing unexpected behaviours with his skills and stats, then please report these via the in-game Help function and we the development team can investigate.

Haig, Matt and Dom are frequently appearing in livestreams across YouTube recently – are these impersonators, or are they
the real developers?

Whilst it is true that developers have commented on livestreams in the past, only Haig and Dom have commented on one or two occasions each. Recently, we’ve noticed (as have many players) a number of YouTube accounts have materialised in an attempt to impersonate developers. We can categorically say that these are not Haig, Matt or Dom, and that, as a result, the developers will not be able to continue using YouTube chat as a means of communication with the community. We will look into how we can rectify this for the future, but any comments currently made by accounts claiming to be DoT developers are false and are not affiliated with the Dawn of Titans team at NaturalMotion and Zynga. Rest assured, we will continue to watch the streams and we appreciate all the hard work that goes into them.

Can you let us know what features are coming in the
next game update?

We are hard at work on our next update, and are looking to release it globally to all players early into the new year. We have three main features planned alongside new sets of Titan and Relic skills. One of these new features is a fast-scroller that enables players to tap a button to scroll through their relic inventories at a much faster rate than the current manual scroll that is implemented in game. Another feature we’ve added is the ability to directly delete items from within the Treasure Room, allowing for better organisation and management of Treasure Room items. More features are planned for this release, so look forward to future blog posts for additional information.

Many players have claimed Iyangura is the last of the Dragonslayers.
Is this true?

We are very aware that a number of players are able to datamine the Dawn of Titans app in order to discover unreleased content, and we release new data to the game with this knowledge in mind. Some dataminers may have claimed that Iyangura is the final Dragonslayer, but we can reveal that this is not the case, and that datamining does not uncover all future Titans, Relics, Skills etc. Far from it.

Do you have an update on increasing Relic storage limits? 

We are still actively working on relic storage solutions, and have taken steps to ensure that profiles, game data and performance are not affected by increasing the capacity of the inventory. We still have more work to do to get this into a position in which we are comfortable releasing it across the game, and we will keep you updated on our progress.

Are there going to be any upcoming Troop changes?

The development team is planning to make another Imperial troop change before the end of the year. 

In the new year, we will also be revisiting Grenadiers. While this is still in discussion, we are looking to implement a substantial change that will make them more effective and fun to play in the current Dawn of Titans meta.

If a large number of players report the account of a player, will that player be automatically banned?

No, we do not automatically ban any player based on the number of reports made about them through any of our channels. Each report is read and considered before a ban is given. Equally, reporting another player will not result in getting a ban yourself: there is no risk to being banned for reporting other players.

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