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ALLIANCE WAR – Iyangura, The Mother of Serpents

STARTS: 3rd December, 15:00 UTC
ENDS: 7th December, 09:00 UTC

The Tree Spirit Okosi had taken rest in the depths of the Mossmane Forests, the brutality of war had weakened her resolve. It was only here, in the deep wood, where Mossmane druids could reside. Every inch of the Shattered Kingdoms was awash with violence, leaving most landscapes barren and desolate. The Mossmane were the only force keeping the desecration at bay, fighting with magic, tooth and fang to protect their borders from the horrors that sought to feed on the mighty life force of nature.

But now, even here, Okosi knew something was not right. She placed her palm onto the earth, to feel the beating heart of the Earth Mother, but instead, she felt only pain and a crippling sense of dread. Through the network of roots, she could feel that death and decay was spreading inwards, along all borders of this mighty forest. The Mossmane warriors and priests had not foreseen this, and many of their rank had perished over centuries of battles. There was no earthly force strong enough to stand against this encroaching threat.

What started as a faint rumbling soon crescendoed into an apocalypse within the forest. Animals screeched and scrambled inwards towards the Sanctuary, whilst mighty trees which had stood for centuries decayed from within, crashing down in cascades of splinters. Insects wrested themselves from the soil, scurrying to stay ahead of the blight. Paralysed, Okosi realised this threat was beyond her power to stop. With trembling hands she reached for her sword, to make one final stand to protect the woods of her people.

At the precipice of annihilation, Okosi began to feel a new force building deep within the Sanctuary. A warm rain began to fall, mounting into a ferocious monsoon. Mossy roots wormed outwards, beckoned by the nourishing rain. From the rotten remains of oaks, ruptured mighty palms, rich with fruits and nuts. Creatures of all sorts burst forth in a frenzy to protect the sanctity of nature. Stunned, Okosi lowered her sword, when she saw a figure emerge. Iyangura locked eyes with Okosi, and with sadness whispered,  

‘The corruption is too strong for even you to control, my child. The woods cry out for a new protector.” 

Roots tangled up Okosi’s legs, bending her to the ground. Before she could cry out, it was already too late; moss and fungi enveloped her, surrendering her essence to the natural order.

Iyangura, the legendary Mother of Serpents, arrives in the Shattered Kingdoms, eager to protect nature with her shielded Corrupted Panthers and enemy debuffing effects:

Get her signature Relics from the Milestone rewards:

The Milestone Rewards are as follows:

The Alliance Leaderboard Rewards are as follows:

The Chosen Titans for this event are:

  • 1.5x with GROTHURN
  • 1.4x with ONI, IYANGURA, NERGAL
  • 1.3x with JINSHU, OAKENTAUR
  • 1.2x with 4* POISON TITANS
  • 1.1x with 3* POISON TITANS

The Boost Relic for this event is CHALICE OF POISON


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