Bi-Weekly Q&A (13/11/20)

Thank you for all the questions submitted over the last few weeks – below are answers straight from the developers on your most pressing and requested questions! As a reminder, support queries and game issues that get submitted in the Q&A form will not be answered or picked up by our Customer Support team. Please direct all support questions through the in-game Help function. If you do not see your submitted question answered in this post, it may have already been answered in a previous Q&A blog, so please check those before re-submitting your queries.

Can you offer reassurances that DoT will continue into 2021?

DoT will continue into 2021 and beyond, and we have a long roadmap of content and features planned that, as a team, we’re very excited about bringing to the game. We’ve heard your concerns related to the end of the developer livestreams, but we want to be clear that their absence is due to the current situation that requires the team to work from home, and that the Livestream Updates and these Q&A blog posts are currently written in place of them.

What was the inspiration behind Tarhunz the Dragonslayer?

Each of the Dragonslayers is truly unique. While they all draw on existing myths and legends from around the world, some have had more creative license taken, whereas others adhere more closely to their original stories. Uniting them all is the corruption they endured fighting for centuries under the Cloud Veil – twisting them from divinities into the fearsome Titans that step through the portal.

While he has been known by many names: Tarhunz, Tarhunt, Tarhunna, Teshub – the themes of this ancient deity come down to us through many different sources. It is widely agreed that Tarhunz was the chief god of the Luwian people, a Bronze Age culture of ancient Anatolia, with his worship spreading throughout the mediterranean most notably within the Hittite kingdom. It was the Luwian & Hittite sources which account the deeds of Tarhunz and highlighted him as a perfect fit among our Dragon Slayer pantheon.

The Egg of Illuyanka makes reference to the Dragon which Tarhunz slays. In the legend, Tarhunz loses his first battle, leaving him mutilated and with only one eye. Through clever trickery, Tarhunz and his daughter Inaras, the goddess of the harvest, are able to finally subdue and kill the Dragon. 

The Bronze Kishar serves as a prosthetic for Tarhunz, and pays homage to the critical role bronze played in Luwian and Hittite culture. While neither ancient language has been perfectly deciphered or translated, we were able to find references in academic sources for the ancient Hittite term for hand/arm – kiššar, pronounced as kishar.

The final relic, The Heart of Seri, pays respect to one of Tarhunz’s most pervasive symbols – the Bull. He is frequently depicted as standing on the back of a bull, or being pulled in a chariot by his steeds Seri and Hurri. It was only fitting to name one of these mythical beasts in Tarhunz’s final relic.

Was that really Haig & Matt in Zalon’s livestream chat on
the 12th November?

Haig did jump into the chat during Zalon’s stream on November 12th, but, whilst Matt was watching the stream along with some of the other developers on the team, he did not actually comment himself. We aren’t sure who the imposter was, but Matt was very flattered all the same.

The DoT team is incredibly grateful for all the hard work our community and content creators do, and we try our best to watch all of the videos produced. Due to time zone differences, we are sometimes unable to tune into live streams as and when they happen, but we always catch up with the streams as and when they get uploaded. In addition, we pay close attention to comments across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as reading your thoughts in the multiple Discords (we are particular fans of the meme channels!).

Will there be special events and gifts during the
4th Anniversary next month?

Yes, we will be celebrating our 4th year anniversary with special events (one may even contain a long-requested Titan reskill) and a free gift for all players. Make sure you log in on the 9th December to take part.

Golden Divine Relic effects do not seem to apply to Corrupted Troops that get called into battle, is this correct?

Yes, the Golden Divine 5* Relics have effects that respond only to Summoned Troops (i.e. the Omega troops), and should not react to Corrupted Troops, Reinforcements or other troop-types such as Ares’ Spartans and Nergal’s Elementals.

Will there be a Dragonslayer collection added to the Titan Pantheon?

Yes, we will be introducing the Dragonslayer collection to the Titan Pantheon in the near future. This collection will reward players with a brand-new, unique Relic for obtaining all the Dragonslayer Titans.

Will there be any special Events over the Black Friday
weekend and Cyber Monday?

Of course! Starting Friday the 27th November, we will be running special Events in relation to Black Friday that run through to the start of December. 

If I report someone who is found not to be cheating or hacking, am I at risk of being banned myself? 

No, there is no risk to being banned for reporting other players. Our reports go through a number of automated checks and then manual checks before any outcomes are determined, and the reporter will never be penalised for doing so.

Where can we read more about the mythology and lore 
behind Dawn of Titans?

With the launch of the Dragonslayers, we have finally revealed the secrets about the origins of the Shattered Kingdoms, the role of the Dragons, and what lies beneath the Cloud Veil. We have many more story tidbits to reveal over the course of the next months, and we will look into making more of the lore available to players outside of the game itself in future.

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