The Divine Ambers

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In ages past, Dragons roamed the skies, feared and worshipped by the mortals who were no match for their power. When Almarand brought calamity to the world after gaining the power of the Nexus for himself, many Dragons perished, leaving only a few remaining beneath the Cloud Veil. 

Eons later, six mighty Titans, learning of the power of the Dragons and the Nexus, combed the wasteland beneath the Veil and discovered their crystalized essence within Ambers emanating with Nexus energy.

New Divine Relics have finally arrived in Dawn of Titans! Get these immensely powerful new 5* Relics with unique Invoke abilities from the new Divine Shrine Altars starting today! As with previous Relics, these are class-based, and cannot be equipped alongside any other 5* Relic.

  • Amber of Mahaha: Berserker
  • Amber of Gaia: Champion
  • Amber of Rostam: Guardian
  • Amber of Zabava: Infiltrator
  • Amber of Iyangura: Paladin
  • Amber of Nephelinis: Ranger/Sorcerer


Alongside the new Amber Relics, we’ve updated the Divine Shrine Relic Altars with new drop pools and prices. Each Altar contains just a single series of 5* Relics in their drop pool (e.g. NORSE RELICS Altar only contains SVERÐ OG SKJÖLD, MJÖLNIR, AXES OF WAR, TRICKSTER’S BLADES, ASGARDIAN BLADE and BOW OF THE GODS).


In addition to the new Divine Altars, we’ve made some changes to the Relic Altars in the Temple that are live in the game now. Replacing the old RELIC and EPIC RELIC Altar are four new Altars with new drop pools:

The drop pools for these Altars are as follows:


We will not be publishing a Bi-Weekly Q&A blog post this week, and will instead be bringing it to you next week on Friday 13th November. We apologise for this delay.


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