Bi-Weekly Q&A (23/10/20)

Thank you for all the questions submitted over the last few weeks – below are answers straight from the developers on your most pressing and requested questions! As a reminder, support queries and game issues that get submitted in the Q&A form will not be answered or picked up by our Customer Support team. Please direct all support questions through the in-game Help function. If you do not see your submitted question answered in this post, it may have already been answered in a previous Q&A blog, so please check those before re-submitting your queries.

Can you give us details on the Skeletal Storm event happening during Halloween?

Skeletal Storm will see the return of Reaver, Calvarax and Aset alongside the 5* Stormbringer Relic in a new FINISH+ event. The Stormbringer is a uniquely powerful 5* Relic only equippable to Ranger Titans. It provides +35% Titan & Troop Armor Pierce, +65% All Troop Damage and +65% All Troop Health. Other Relics included in the Milestone Rewards are: Wild Arrows, Heartseeker, Ancient Sling, Bell of Despair and more.

What was the inspiration behind the Dragonslayers, their names and Relics?

Each of the Dragon Slayers is truly unique. While they all draw on existing myths and legends from around the world, some have had more creative license taken, whereas others adhere more closely to their original stories. Uniting them all is the corruption they endured fighting for centuries under the Cloud Veil – twisting them from divinities into the fearsome Titans that step through the portal.

Zabava, for example, is a character in The Legend of Dobrynya Nikitich, one of the most iconic pieces of Rus folklore. In the original story, Princess Zabava was kidnapped by Zmej Gorynych, a three-headed dragon who makes appearances throughout Eastern European folklore.

Zmej Gorynych is also frequently associated with Baba Yaga in many myths and fairytales. The Relics make reference to him, as well as other villainous characters like Chert – a demonic figure – or Kaschei, the most sinister of all Rus folklore villains. 

Rostam is a well-established hero and Dragon Slayer in Persian mythology with his Seven Labors are detailed in the 10th century epic poem The Shahnameh. There were many elements to pull from, but the Dragon he slays in his Third Labour remains unnamed in the legends, so we had to look at other sources to decide on a Persian dragon worthy of Rostam.

We settled on Zahhāk (also appearing as Aži Dahāka), who, depending on the specific legend, was described as a “monster with three mouths, six eyes, and three heads – cunning, strong, and demonic”. 

The Tahmurasi Dagger is the dagger with which he kills the cunning demon Arzhang-Div, from whom he claims the final Relic, Arzhang’s Tooth. Judging from the sources, the dagger most likely was given to Rostam by a different character in the story, Tahmuras. In the legends, Tahmuras was a Shah (Persian King) who used magic to free his realm from the grasp of ‘demons of every imaginable evil’. No doubt Tahmuras imbued the dagger with some of his magic – hence why Rostam favours it in his quests involving the demons (or Divs). 

There are still more Dragonslayers coming to Dawn of Titans that we have yet to reveal, so keep an eye on our weekly blog post to get all the lore and details.

What class/element will the next Dragonslayer be?

The next Dragonslayer is a legendary deity of Luwian and Hittite mythologies and will be a Fire/Berserker Titan. Look forward to more information in the coming weeks.

Can you tell us more about the upcoming Divine Relics?

We will be revealing the new Divine Relics in the coming weeks, but we are not yet able to give a concrete release date as they are still going through the process of testing and tweaking.

Can you give us some hints about what’s coming in the next version of Dawn of Titans?

We are working hard on the next app update, and are planning to make changes to the Treasure Room and Relic Inventory that will improve reward and Relic management. The release is currently scheduled to go live before the end of the year.

Thor is one of the best looking Titans – can you please bring him back with new skills?

They say lightning never strikes twice…

…but on this occasion, perhaps it does.

There appears to be an issue with Rostam’s Corrupted Horde not gaining the correct Elemental Resistance in battle, is this a bug?

Unlike other normal troops in DoT, Corrupted Horde gain elemental resistances as a base stat from level 21 to 25. When they spawn in battle, the resistances displayed in red during battle are those given on top of the base resistances. The base resistances are not displayed anywhere in game, so use this table below to see what they are:

Players have contacted us, letting us know of an issue with level 25 Corrupted Horde units that show them entering battle, gaining +50% Elemental Resist to all Elements except only gaining +30% Elemental Resist to Earth and Lightning. This is correct behaviour, as Elemental Resist given on top of base has a cap of 100% – the game code is not able to grant above that value. When the level 25 Corrupted Horde are called into battle, they are granted the Titan skill, invoke and relic buffs on top of their base. Specifically in the case of Horde, this would mean that +30% Elemental Resist to Earth and Lightning is displayed, as that effectively means their Earth and Lightning resistance has reached 100% (when added to their base of 70%, seen in yellow in the table above).

Some players claimed the Anubis glitch returned for the most recent Assault event – is this the case?

During the most recent Assault event, we became aware that some players were able to utilise the Anubis glitch that we had previously released a fix for during a prior Assault event. Although the issue had returned, it was much more difficult to achieve the scoring glitch from it, and almost all of the battles fought with Anubis in this most recent Assault gave correct scores throughout.

Upon discovery of the issue, we removed the leaderboard scores of players who were repeatedly using this score glitch to get into the higher ranks. The glitch was not achieved by all players who used Anubis in battle, so players who used it excessively to gain scores had their ranking score reduced to 0 before the event ended and final rewards were given. Players experiencing this glitch through standard play were not, and will not be banned, but overuse may result in removal of their leaderboard position and the associated reward. Excessive overuse, and distribution of information that could lead other players to utilise an exploit could result in a permanent ban. For more information, please read Zynga’s Terms of Service and Community Rules.

There hasn’t been an anti-cheat or hacking post for a few weeks, can you give us an update?

Since the last anti-cheating update, we’ve rolled out several new cheat detection heuristics covering Gems, Divine Gems and Castle Levels. This has resulted in a +50% increase in the number of cheaters banned automatically, rather than via our daily manual account reviews, event leaderboard sweeps and player reports. These heuristics run hourly, and should help catch hackers faster and more effectively in future.

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