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  2. Bug Fix Update
  3. Alliance War – Helga Event Details
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    2. Relic Overview
    3. Milestone Rewards
    4. Alliance Rewards
    5. Chosen Titans and Boost Relic
  4. Remnants of Darkness
  5. Altar of Everything Eerie
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  • Alliance War – Helga
    • STARTS: 15th October, 14:00 UTC
    • ENDS: 19th October, 08:00 UTC
  • Portal Surge
    • STARTS: 19th October, 11:00 UTC
    • ENDS: 22nd October, 11:00 UTC
  • Altar of Everything Eerie
    • STARTS: 19th October, 11:00 UTC
    • ENDS: 21st October, 11:00 UTC
  • Assault – Death’s Door
    • STARTS: 20th October, 08:00 UTC
    • ENDS: 22nd October, 08:00 UTC
  • Alliance War – The Seven Labors
    • STARTS: 22nd October, 14:00 UTC
    • ENDS: 26th October, 08:00 UTC
  • Titans Unleashed – Guardians
    • STARTS: 26th October, 11:00 UTC
    • ENDS: 27th October, 11:00 UTC


We are aware of a bug in Freya’s new healing skill that results in a crash on some devices during battle. This gives an unfair advantage to players that defend their lands with Freya, and as a result, we intend to replace the skill with similarly functioning Shield Spell invoke:

OLD SKILL: Her skill would HEAL Spearmen and Freya by 10% when an allied Spearmen dies (Max 10), whilst also summoning an Omega Spearmen (Max 5)

NEW SKILL: Heal Freya by 10% and SHIELD* all Spearmen when an allied Spearmen dies (Max 10), whilst also summoning an Omega Spearmen (Max 5)

*The level of Shield Spell will be taken from the player’s own Shield spell and can be buffed by Shield-enhancing relics such as Staff of Earth.

As stated before, we are reluctant to modify Titan skills after their release, but in this case, we have designed this new skill to be as close (if not better) than the original heal skill, and we feel that the crash must be dealt with as soon as possible. This change will roll out to all players tomorrow.


STARTS: 15th October, 14:00 UTC

ENDS: 19th October, 08:00 UTC

Helga storms the battlefield this Thursday 15th October in the latest FINISH+ event. She arrives alongside the immensely powerful DragonSlayer 5* Relic.

Get these highly-charged Relics from the Milestone rewards, alongside the incredible 5* DragonSlayer at 30,000 Souls:

Three 4* Guardian Titans are available in the Milestone Rewards:

The Milestone Rewards are as follows:

The Alliance Leaderboard Rewards are as follows:

The Chosen Titans for this event are:

  • 1.2x with 4* GUARDIAN TITANS
  • 1.1x with 3* GUARDIAN TITANS

The Boost Relic for this event is STORM CANDLE


Bone Dregs return to Dawn of Titans in Remnants of Darkness, starting 22nd of October and running through to the 2nd November.

During this festival period, players are tasked with collecting Bone Dregs from a number of different sources to spend on a number of limited-time Altars that will appear in the Temple during the festival.

Bone Dregs can be obtained from:

  • A new Altar in the Temple that generates 1 Bone Dreg every 6 hours.
  • New Festive Quests that award 1 Bone Dreg upon completion.
  • Alliance War and Conquest Milestone Rewards throughout the event period that contain multiple Bone Dregs.
  • Boost Bundle purchases during Festive events that contain additional Bone Dregs on top of existing items.

Collected Bone Dregs can then be spent in the 5 new Altars available only during the Festive period, these are:

  • WADJET ★★★★
    • Cost: 50 Bone Dregs
  • HADES ★★★★
    • Cost: 50 Bone Dregs
  • KRAMPUS ★★★★
    • Cost: 50 Bone Dregs
  • 5x Multi-Spin Halloween Altar
    • Cost: 20 Bone Dregs
    • Guaranteed 1x 4* Relic
  • Halloween Relic Altar
    • Cost: 5 Bone Dregs
    • Contains: 2*-4* Halloween Themed Relics


Get ready for a spooky Temple Festival starting 19th October! Get some of the eeriest Titans and Relics in the DoT universe with our special, limited-time Altar of Everything.

This Altar is a 15x Multi-spin with 3 guaranteed 4* drops. The following 4* Titans and Relics will be available in the pool.


Check out some of the great DoT content creators and streamers across YouTube! Click the link on their names to go to their channels, and hit that subscribe button to get their latest videos as and when they drop:

  • ChefBaseGod – Long time player and Discord-er returns with new content.
  • _Churro_ – Live streams, update videos and after-show gatherings.
  • F2P Zeus – Reactions, updates, battles, player profiles, Titan and Relic reviews.
  • Vintage Plays – DoT community conversations, overviews and streams.
  • Dee NTG – Insights from long-time player of DoT and leader of NTG.
  • Ron Gamer – Tips and Titan showcases.
  • ZALON – Streams, discussions, roundtables, interactive playthroughs.
  • Godan – Titan showcases, player showcases, games updates, opinions.
  • Gason86 – Titan vs Titan content, event overviews.
  • Prometheo NTG – Titan and Troop meta analysis.
  • ΛѴΞИTΛĐƠЯ – Titan showcases, min-maxing, Titan builds.
  • Jasonjerome – Regular streams, event analysis.
  • Poisson – Russian-language videos, Altar showcases, battle showcases.
  • SoulJiahXD – Titan content, event overviews.


Below are some of the development team’s favourite unofficial Dawn of Titans channels and websites. These are great places to engage with the community, or catch the latest news and reactions to all things DoT:

  • Yuki’s DoT Database:
    • View Titan, Relic, Troop and Spell stats.
    • Create builds of Titans, seeing the effects of Relics on stats
    • View other players’ Titan builds with recommendations
  • The Unofficial Dawn of Titans Discord:
    • Engage with the active DoT community
    • Find Alliances to join for upcoming events
    • Gain User Roles for your contributions


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