Balancing Update (07/10/20)

We have made some modifications since our last few blog posts to Grothurn, Nephelinis and Freya based on feedback from the community.

The changes below are already live in-game – a restart of the app is required to get these modifications.


We are aware of a bug that has occurred as a result of a fix that reduced Zabava’s Speed stat from 27 to 18. This is not intentional, and this issue will be fixed, returned to 27, and live in-game tomorrow 8th October.

The new Divine Titans are almost here, and thanks to the tireless work of our SPPs, YouTubers and development team, we have made some modifications to these Titans’ skills before their launch this Friday 9th October.

The skills outlined in GREEN have been changed/added:

Grothurn is intended to be a strong, spell-casting, defensive Titan. The following changes were made to improve this capability:

  • His Counter ability was not working as intended, with some Spells failing to be cast – this has now been fixed.
  • We have added an additional +200% Titan & Troop Health into his 1st Skill
  • Grothurn already had +30% Titan & Troop All Elemental Resist in his 5th Skill, but this was not shown in the previous blog post.

Nephelinis is intended to be an attacking force to be reckoned with, so the following changes have been made to reinforce this:

  • Nephelinis’ 1st Skill now casts Rage and Haste on 5 Allied Grenadiers every 15 seconds, whereas before these Grenadiers only gained Haste.
  • At Prestige Lvl10, Nephelinis will now call in 3 Fire Elementals instead of 2 – this is to further improve their ability to act as a shield for the Titan and Grenadiers.

In addition to the Divine Titans, we’ve also added a new skill to Freya’s repertoire in order to better equip her for defensive play (in GREEN) – she will be available on SPP test accounts later today:

Thanks again to our community and SPPs for trialing these Titans and we hope you look forward to Freya’s Alliance War starting tomorrow, followed by the launch of the new Divine Sorcerers on Friday 9th October.


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