The Divine Sorcerers

Far away on a remote land out in the furthest reaches of the Shattered Kingdoms, a society of mages live and prosper. A peaceful and pacifist nation, their people are born into a life of academia, obsessed with furthering their knowledge of the arcane arts. For generations, they have ignored the endless wars that consume the other nations of the Shattered Kingdoms. But great knowledge eventually gives way to power and greed…

Two prodigious students, bound by their nation’s rules and forbidden from using their exceptional elemental sorceries in combat, grew tired of the life they’d been forced to lead. Harnessing the power of the great Nexus Stone that resides in the Archmage’s Chamber, they opened a Divine Portal, revealing to them a world of Titans, Gods, bloodshed and suffering that had been kept secret from them their entire lives. Eager to break free from their societal chains, they stepped forward into the portal…

The power of sorcery arrives in Dawn of Titans this Friday 9th October, with two new Divine Titans coming to the Divine Shrine. Our SPPs will gain test access to these Titans tomorrow, Tuesday 6th October.

Nephelinis and Grothurn are modified Ranger-class Titans with different battle animations and different base stats to normal Ranger units. To allow the existing library of Ranger-class Relics to work, they will appear and function in-game as Ranger Titans – it is their stats, skills and battle behaviours that differentiate them.

Each new Titan will be available from their own Altar at a cost of 15,000 Divine Gems.

Necrosa and Lifespark will continue to be available in separate Altars for the new cost of 12,000 Divine Gems.

The ANCIENT TITANS Altar has been updated with the following drop pool:


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