Bi-Weekly Q&A (25/09/20)

Thank you for all the questions submitted over the last few weeks – below are answers straight from the developers on your most pressing and requested questions! As a reminder, support queries and game issues that get submitted in the Q&A form will not be answered or picked up by our Customer Support team. Please direct all support questions through the in-game Help function. If you do not see your submitted question answered in this post, it may have already been answered in a previous Q&A blog, so please check those before re-submitting your queries.

What is ‘Dawn of the Corrupted’?

The Corruption is a mysterious blight that has long-affected the world of Dawn of Titans. Since the beginning of the era of Titans, when the world was a more vibrant place filled with fantastical creatures and many other races, one Titan sought the power of the Corruption to further their strength and hasten the expansion of their empire. For generations, the Corruption has remained largely dormant, with only few sightings of man, beast and Titan being affected by it. But the world has long-now been damaged by the effects of countless wars, and more and more corrupted beings are reaching the Shattered Kingdoms. What the future holds is uncertain, but many feel the winds of change are in motion, and an ancient, long-forgotten power is stirring just beneath the Cloud Veil…

Keep your eyes peeled for a special blog post coming Monday 28th September…

Can the blog get updated each Monday to give us
more time to plan our weeks ahead?

We publish the Livestream Update blog by Wednesday of each week. Work begins on the blog at the beginning of the week, and we publish as soon as we have confidence that what we are posting is unlikely to change, as we understand that any changes that are made from the information in the blog before going live in game are very frustrating for players. On occasion we will be able to publish on a Tuesday (or even a Monday) but for now, we can only promise that the blog will be live by Wednesday, and that we will continue to work at trying to get it live earlier when possible.

The new Divine Titans look very unique. Can you tell us what class they are, and whether any existing Relics will provide buffs for them?

Nephilinis and Grothurn are indeed unique Titans. They are a modified Ranger class with different battle animations and different base stats to normal Ranger units. To allow the existing library of Ranger-class Relics to work, they will appear and function in-game as Ranger Titans – it is their stats, skills and battle behaviours that differentiate them. We will provide more information on this in the coming weeks, as there is still more we have not yet revealed (and players have not yet discovered) about these two new Divine Titans.

Is it possible to get 4* Titans from the Monument battle drops
since the release of 1.39?

Yes. There is now a limited number of 4* Titans that can drop as rewards from Monument V battles. They are NEXIS, FREYA, OKOSI, KOLDAN, ABAZUT and THORHILD. 4* Titans are not common reward drops, but each battle guarantees three rewards on Victory. Across the different levels of Monument, here is the breakdown of the Titan rarities available:

  • Monument I – 2-3* Titans
  • Monument II – 2-3* Titans
  • Monument III – 2-3* Titans
  • Monument IV – 2-3* Titans
  • Monument V – 2-4* Titans

The Relics available in the Epic Relic Altar are a bit outdated. Any plans to improve the contents of this Altar?

Yes – we are looking to make improvements to the Temple that specifically address the Relics. We don’t yet have a date on when these will be live in the game, but we will update the blog with information on the changes before they go live.

Was an Air Element or set of animal Titans ever considered or developed for the game?

Dawn of Titans has been in development for almost a decade now, and many Titans, Relics, Elements, Spells and Troops haven’t made it to the live game for a multitude of different reasons. Some would have too drastically affected the game balance, whereas others just didn’t fit the game’s lore or themes, for instance.

Specifically, the concept of an Air Element (as well as others) was considered very early in development, but the Elements in the game today are the ones that beat-out all the others to make it into the final release. With the introduction of Void last year, a lot of players voiced concerns about how it significantly expanded their Relic inventories (all new sets of Void Relics were required) and made it harder to defend their lands with Elemental resistances. As a result of this, there are currently no plans to add additional Elements to DoT, but we will always consider it if we feel it is something the community wants.

In terms of animal Titans or Troops, we’ve always tried to incorporate animalistic traits (the Mossmane race, for example, were originally designed around the idea of personifying the forest, and feline creatures such as panthers and leopards) and have released many Titans that have animal parts incorporated into their design (such as the Egyptian deities or the Boars). We have some exciting plans for both this year and next, so maybe we’ll see more beastly content in future…

With the new Divine Shrine update coming with the new Titans, will Lifespark and Necrosa remain available separately, or will they be added to the pool and no longer be available to obtain directly?

With the addition of Nephilinis and Grothurn, we will not be removing the individual Altars for Lifespark and Necrosa. All 4 of these Titans will be available from separate Altars in the Divine Shrine.

Why did my alliance ranking position change in
the leaderboard after the event ended?

Every leaderboard event has a finalisation period during which we run a plethora of fair play checks on all players. If a player has earned souls illegitimately they will be banned and their contribution is automatically deducted. This can cause alliances to move up or down in the ranking. This can also occur whilst an event is still active, as these checks are run frequently throughout the event duration.

The community have created a ‘Questions and Suggestions’ channel in the unofficial Discord – can the developers take a look at this channel as a way of hearing our feedback?

Yes, this is a great idea and we will keep an eye on this channel in future. We here at NaturalMotion welcome all the feedback from individual players and the community, and we will take everything we hear into consideration for the future of Dawn of Titans.

Is next week’s Conquest longer than usual?

Yes, next week’s Conquest event (Lithotaur) will run an extra day longer than the previous Conquests.

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