Livestream Update (17/08/20)


The Dawn of Titans team will not be able to bring you our scheduled Livestream whilst we work from home during this period. We will instead get all upcoming event and Titan information to you through our blog every Wednesday.

But fear not – Matt, Dom and Haig will return, and we want to assure you that Dawn of Titans and the whole development team will continue working hard, running all events, releasing updates, and generally keeping the game awesome!

Please note that the information below is not final, and certain aspects may be subject to change.


  1. Upcoming Schedule
  2. Alliance War – Ares Event Details
    1. Titan Overview
    2. The Spartans
    3. Relic Overview
    4. Milestone Rewards
    5. Alliance Rewards
    6. Chosen Titans and Boost Relic
  3. Assault – The Trials of Olympus – Event Details
    1. Milestone Rewards
    2. Solo Ranking Rewards
  4. Solo War – Prometheus’ Fire – Event Details
    1. Relic Overview
    2. Milestone Rewards
    3. Solo Ranking Rewards
  5. DoT Content Creators
  6. Social Channels


  • Relic Festival – The Altars of Olympus
    • STARTS: 17th August, 14:00 UTC
    • ENDS: 20th August, 11:00 UTC
  • Assault – The Trials of Olympus
    • STARTS: 18th August, 08:00 UTC
    • ENDS: 20th August, 08:00 UTC
  • Alliance War – The God of War
    • STARTS: 20th August, 14:00 UTC
    • ENDS: 24th August, 08:00 UTC
  • Titans Unleashed – Guardians
    • STARTS: 24th August, 14:00 UTC
    • ENDS: 25th August, 14:00 UTC
  • Solo War – Prometheus’ Fire
    • STARTS: 25th August, 11:00 UTC
    • ENDS: 27th August, 08:00 UTC


The Age of War has ravaged the lands. Entire kingdoms lay in ruins and the dead outnumber the living. Frenzied by the bloodshed, the people begin to worship an abhorred deity, long-thought lost to the annals of time. Fearing their idolisation will summon his barbaric son, Zeus casts a cataclysmic storm that envelops the Shattered Kingdoms in a warning to the masses. But their fury only intensifies with each clap of thunder. Suddenly, a break in the clouds is seen on the horizon, and a warrior adorned in gold descends from the heavens. Their prayers have been answered – Ares, the God of War is here.

Prepare your armies for the coming of the God of War himself this Thursday 20th August at 1400 UTC. Ares is a mighty Fire Guardian, with unparalleled Grenadier and Spearmen skills. When his army’s numbers begin to dwindle, Ares can call on his devoted Spartan warriors to aid him in battle.

The Spartans

Spartans are elite Spearmen that have 50% of the base health of normal Spearmen troops, but +300% base damage. Unlike Spearmen, the damage Spartans deal is FIRE, not PHYSICAL, and thus their damage can be increased only with Relics and Skills marked as “Titan & Troop Fire Damage”. Defending troops will need to increase their Fire Elemental Resist in order to reduce their incoming elemental damage. All other Spartan stats (not Damage) are buffed with existing Spearmen effects (e.g. +117% Spearmen Health). In addition, Spartan Troops also have a 3x Charge Bonus (unlike their Spearmen counterparts).Each Spartan battalion contains 15 units in a flying wedge formation. A total of 8 Spartans troops can be called into battle when Ares’ Prestige Skill reaches Level 10 (2 Spartans, maximum of 4 times).

Ares arrives with two signature Relics, alongside the much-anticipated 4* Nemean Lion Pelt:

Three legendary Greek 4* Titans are available to collect from the Milestone Rewards in this event. They are:

A brand-new 5* Boost Relic is also available as part of the new BOOST CLIMAX bundle (it is only available from this bundle, and is not part of the drop pool for the Event Altar). This Boost Relic can be equipped to Titans alongside other 5* Relics, as well as stacked up with the other rarities of Greek Scroll. By stacking all 5 variants of Greek Scroll to a Titan, players can gain an effective +7050% Souls per battle victory.

The Milestone Rewards are as follows:

For the first time, the Alliance in first position will be awarded a Level 60 Ares. The Alliance Leaderboard Rewards are as follows:

The Chosen Titans for this event are:

  • 1.4x with URANUS, EROS, ZEUS & ARES
  • 1.1x with 3*/4* FIRE TITANS

The Boost Relic for this event is GREEK SCROLL

ASSAULT – The Trials of Olympus – EVENT DETAILS:

Assault returns to Dawn of Titans on the 18th August! In this mode, you are tasked with protecting a stronghold from waves of enemies, gaining score for the number of enemies defeated within 3 minutes.

In this event, all spells and troops will be available for you to take into battle at max level (LVL25). The spells and troops used in battle are not added to your Army Camp, nor will they be deducted from your inventories at the end of battle.

Once in battle, a number of allied Titans will join your side in the fight against an onslaught of enemies attempting to reach your stronghold. The aim is to stop the enemy before they do so.

In this Assault, we’ve updated the Solo Leaderboard Rewards to be entirely Divine Gems. In addition, we’ve improved the Milestone Rewards to more heavily focus on Titan XP Relics, Relics of War, Relic Shards and Divine Gems.  The Relics of War Altars will be available throughout the event (please note: these Relics of War are the same as those given out during Theaters of War events, and will carry over into future Assault and Theaters of War events).

During the event, five Altars will appear in the Temple:

    • Contains: 4* Dionysus
    • Cost: 40 Relics of War
    • Contains: 4* Poseidon
    • Cost: 30 Relics of War
    • Contains: 3* Hercules
    • Cost: 15 Relics of War
  • Combat Relic (5x)
    • Contains: 2*-4* Combat Relics, with guaranteed at least one 4*
    • Cost:  15 Relics of War
  • Combat Relic (1x)
    • Contains: 2*-4* Combat Relics
    • Cost:  5 Relics of War

The Milestone Rewards are as follows:

The Assault Ranking Rewards are as follows:

SOLO WAR – Prometheus’ Fire – EVENT DETAILS:

Get your hands on the powerful new Prometheus’ Fire in this Solo War starting 25th August at 11:00 UTC.

The Milestone Rewards are as follows:

The Solo Ranking Rewards are as follows:


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For detailed information on Titans and Relics, we recommend you visit Yuki’s DoT Database. Here you can:

  • View Titan and Relic skills
  • View Troop and Spell stats
  • Create builds of Titans, seeing the effects of Relics on stats
  • See other players’ Titan builds with recommendations


Matt, Dom and Haig will return to the Dawn of Titans Livestream soon, but in the meantime, do visit, like, subscribe and follow our various social channels to get the latest information and updates on the game:

And as always, we’ll see you on the battlefield!