Bi-Weekly Q&A (14/08/20)

Thank you for all the questions submitted over the last two weeks – below are answers straight from the developers on your most pressing and requested questions! As a reminder, support queries and game issues that get submitted in the Q&A form will not be answered or picked up by our Customer Support team. Please direct all support questions through the in-game Help function.

Please tell us more about the upcoming Guardian War God!

We won’t give any new information away in this Q&A post, but make sure to check out next week’s Livestream Update post for the full rundown on the next War God Titan – we are excited to show you what we’ve been cooking up, and we’re looking to have the blog live by next Tuesday (Hemera Areos!)

What Relics are available in the Echoes of War altar?

Below is the complete list of Relics available in the Echoes of War Relic Altar:

When will the Daily Login Rewards be updated?

Daily Login Rewards will be updated in the next release – version 1.39.0. We have taken into account lots of feedback, and made a number of changes, including a significant reduction in the number of Troops and Spells given out. 

Will you be reviewing Imperial troops in the near future?

The DoT development team are always reviewing the Troop meta, and Imperials have been a focus for the Design team over the last few months. We are looking to rollout some balance changes to Imperials sometime in the coming weeks. Please check the Livestream Update blog posts for details.

Is a chat ban permanent, or can it be appealed and lifted?

All bans given out in Dawn of Titans are permanent – temporary bans are no longer given, and chat violations specifically result in permanent bans. If you feel your ban is unjust, then please contact Customer Support.

Will Assault become a more regular Event?

We are looking to make Assault a more regular event in Dawn of Titan’s live calendar, and we’ve made a number of changes to the reward track for the next Assault (starting 18th August). We hope these changes are received well, and we will be closely monitoring the feedback once the event ends.

Will there be an update to Season Rewards, and will the Titan rewards change, specifically?

We are looking to update Season Rewards, and refresh the list of Titans available as rewards sometime after the 1.39.0 release has gone live to all players.

When can we expect a powerful Ice Titan to be released?

We understand that Ice Elemental Titans haven’t seen much love since Progenitor released back in December. We’ve got big plans for new and old Ice Titans, as well as balancing changes for the Ice Troops – Imperials. Keep an eye on our upcoming Livestream Update posts for details.

When is the next Event that will allow all Boost Relics to be used?

The next event that supports all Boost Relics will go live on 24th August.

What were the recent changes to Conquest battle rewards?

We implemented a change removing all 1* Relic drops when gaining victory in battle against normal Lands of Level 12 and above whilst the Conquest Event is active. Alongside this, we re-balanced the drop rates of certain rewards in the Conquest battle pool (e.g. some rewards now drop more frequently than others).

Are we going to see other 5* Relics added to Milestone Rewards in future Events?

We hope to add more 5* Relics to Event rewards in future, and we will gather feedback from the Beyond Good and Evil Event to improve

Can we get some DoT wallpapers for our PCs please?

Awesome suggestion! We will look to do something about this next week on the blog! For now, here’s a 1920×1080 wallpaper for you!


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