Bi-Weekly Q&A (31/07/20)

Thank you for all the questions submitted over the last two weeks – below are answers straight from the developers on your most pressing and requested questions!

For the Prestige Altars that rotate in the Temple, what are the Titans you can get from each, and do the Titans change with each reappearance of the Altar?

Below is the complete list of Titans available in each Elemental Prestige Altar:

Each specific-element Altar contains a pool of 5 Titans, each with a drop rate of 20%. The ALL ELEMENT TITAN Altar contains a pool of all 35 Titans found in the specific-element Altars. The Titans found in each of these Altars do not change with each reappearance, and have not changed since they were launched.

When will we see a powerful new Guardian Titan?

We have a special new Guardian Titan coming next month. Keep your eyes peeled for more information over the next couple of weeks in the Livestream Update blog posts.

Will there be an increase to the number of troops we can store in our Army Camp?

As with Relic Storage, we are currently investigating whether it will be possible for us to further increase the Army Camp size and allow the storage of more Troops. We apologise that storage increases are not something we frequently do, but there are technical limitations and knock-on effects to device performance that we have to consider before doing so.

How are Spells affected by Elemental Resist and Armor?

Each Spell in Dawn of Titans has an Element associated with its damage (e.g. Fireball is Fire Damage, Terror is Void Damage etc.) Because of this, Elemental Resistances reduce the damage value of the Spell in the same way Titan and Troop Elemental damage is reduced. For example, if an Army has +50% Lightning Resist, a Lightning Spell’s total damage will be halved when cast on them. Again for Armor, Spells work similar to Titans and Troops – all Spells have a default Armor Piercing value of 100, so in order to reduce the incoming damage from a Spell, the Titan or Troop needs to have an Armor value between +101% and +175%.

The Huntress Raid Boss event was harder than the previous ones – what are your plans with future Raid Boss events?

We have been tweaking and balancing the Raid Boss event since we first launched it earlier this year. With Huntress being our third run of the event type, we wanted to increase the difficulty in later levels to give more of a challenge to our elder players and veteran battlers. Raid Boss is an event mode in which Alliances are asked to come together and collectively trial and test their best Titans against formidable Bosses – strategy and collaboration are key, but we do want to give players of lower levels a chance to meaningfully contribute to the event. We take everyone’s feedback on board, and we will be making further adjustments for the next Raid Boss event. Please continue to give us your feedback.

Does ‘All Troop Damage’ apply to all player-controlled Troops in battle, including Raise Dead Skeletons, Omega Units and Invoke Troops?

Yes, ‘All Troop Damage’ applies to all units that act as Troops in battle. This buff does not affect Titans, or any unit that acts as a Titan in battle (e.g. Nergal’s Warrior Spirits).

Will new Divine Titans be arriving soon?

New Divine Titans will be coming later this year to the Divine Shrine. Keep your eyes on our weekly blog for more information – we can’t wait to show you them!

You mentioned in this week’s blog that automation is used in detecting and banning hackers – does this affect players who have used a game exploit, and in addition, will it ban players who unintentionally encounter bugs or issues?

We employ several methods for identifying cheaters in Dawn of Titans. As mentioned in the previous Livestream Update post, we use automation, anomaly detection, manual identification and user reports to determine whether a player is cheating. For definitions on what is considered a violation that could result in a ban, please see Section 6 of the Zynga Community Rules document. As a reminder, Dawn of Titans follows a strict anti-cheating policy that means that all account bans are permanent. If you feel your account has been wrongfully banned, please contact our Customer Support service.

Will you introduce Relics that affect Titan movement speed, attack speed, damage radius, or range?

There are currently no plans to introduce Relic effects that modify these Titan variables, but we thank you for your feedback and will consider it for future updates.

In the last Q&A post, you mentioned that the Armor cap is 70% – is this correct?

We can confirm that the Armor cap is in fact 75% across the game, and we apologize for the mistake in the last blog post. Armor can never reduce damage beyond 25%, but the cap is applied as a total of the Armor Piercing value of the attacker against the Armor value of the defender. E.g. if an attacking Troop has an effective Armor Piercing value of +200%, then the defending unit would need an Armor value between +201% and +275% to have the incoming damage reduced.

Are there plans to allow players to set their own defenses for Lands and Garrisons?

There are currently no plans to introduce a feature that allows players to set their own defensive layouts for Lands and Garrisons.

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