Bi-Weekly Q&A (17/07/20)

Thank you for all the questions submitted over the last two weeks – below are answers straight from the developers on your most pressing and requested questions! Remember to keep your questions coming, and we will answer more in the next post on 31st July.

When will we next see an All-Boost-Relic event?

We have an Event planned for this month (July) that will allow you to use any Boost Relic to gain more Souls per battle. Look out for details in next week’s Livestream Update blog post.

When using a Shield or Rage Spell on multiple troops, does that buff apply to all troops, or does it divide up the values between them?

Each individual troop receives their own Shield or Rage, therefore the buff applies to all troops that are within the Spell radius when it casts.

Sekhmet utilises Raise Dead Skeletons in battle, can you please post the troop stats for Raise Dead Skeleton units?

Since the release of Sekhmet, we have been reviewing the Raise Dead Skeleton troop and making sure it aligns with the current meta. We ask that you give us just a little more time to evaluate the troop, and we will post the stats and details in a Livestream Update soon.

Can you update us on what is provided for new and low-level players who have installed the game recently, and if there are any future updates planned for these players?

We will be implementing a large update for new and low-level players in our next release. This will cover a number of aspects of early game progression. We will give a detailed overview when we release the next version update blog post, but for now, we can confirm that we are improving the Daily Login Calendar and making changes to Troop, Spell and Building timers for new and early-level players.

Can you explain Ranged/Melee Resist and how they stack against Elemental resistances?

The damage from an incoming attack first gets reduced by the Melee or Ranged Resist stat, depending on the type of attack, up to the respective cap. Melee Resist is capped at 80%, and Ranged at 95%.

This damage is then reduced by the effective armor, which is the target’s Armor minus the attacker’s Armor Piercing. Armor is capped at 70%.

Then, the damage is further reduced by the elemental resist, which is capped at 90%

It was great to hear about development ideas during the old Livestream – can we get some updates on future developments?

We will have a blog post coming next month that will outline the features coming in our next big update. We’re excited to share these details with you, but ask that you wait just a little bit longer. One of our main areas of focus has been improving and evolving the capabilities of the Invoke system, so stay tuned for more information in the near future.

Will an increase to Relic storage be coming in a future update?

We are currently investigating whether it will be possible for us to further increase Relic storage. We apologise that increasing the storage space is not something we frequently do, but there are technical limitations that we have to consider before doing so.

Will we see any additional Titan Collections coming to the Pantheon?

You can look forward to new collections with unique rewards coming to the Titan Pantheon in the next update to the game, arriving early September.

Will we ever see a 4* Nemean Lion Pelt as an event reward?

The 4* version of the Nemean Lion Pelt will be available in an upcoming event next month!

Will you be updating any of the effects on the original set of 5* Relics (e.g. Shadow Dancer)?

We currently have no plans to reskill the first set of 5* Relics (including Shadow Dancer), we will, however, continue to review the Divine Altars, and future updates to them will be announced in the weekly blog post prior to going live. In fact, the Shadow Dancer may prove more useful in future…

Will we see new Daily Login Calendar rewards in the future?

We will be introducing an updated Daily Login Calendar in the next game update, coming early September.

Improvements should be made to Spell casting timers on defense, are any changes planned for this?

Yes, we are reviewing Spell casting on defense and if any changes are made, they will come in the next game update due in early September.

Are the drop rates of Boost Relics from the Event Boost Relic Altars changed with each Alliance or Solo War?

The drop rates of Relics within the Event Boost Relic Altars are not changed with each Event. The drop rates are shown in the HelpShift article that is easily accessed by tapping the information button on an Altar.

There have been a number of instances this year in which a Titan skill or Relic effect has changed in-game from what was shown in the blog. Can you make sure this doesn’t happen in future?

We understand that this is an issue, and we are working hard to make sure the blog and any announcements we make prior to their release in the game are as accurate as possible. All posts and communications on our blog and social channels contain information that is subject to change, as in development, we may discover technical or balance limitations that require us to change an effect or value before going live. 

When will the Livestream return?

We are eager to return, but we won’t be able to bring you our Weekly Livestream whilst we work from home during this period. Matt, Dom and Haig are still working hard on the Livestream Update blog posts each week to keep you informed, and we hope this Q&A helps in filling the void left by their absence from your YouTube and Facebook feeds. As a little message, Matt wanted to let you know that he’s bought a brand new shirt, and that, as always, he’ll see you on the battlefield!

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