In this blog post, we’ll take you through what it is, how to unlock it, and unveil a number of the enhanced skills coming to your favourite Titans!

As of update 1.38, a new Prestige Skill can be unlocked for every 4* Titan. Unlocking and upgrading this skill bestows powerful abilities for your max-level 4* Titans, enriching the gameplay experience, and bringing more depth and strategy to battles.

Accessing Titan Prestige requires the following:

Once Titan Prestige is available, it can be accessed within the HALL OF TITANS

Unlocking and Enhancing the Prestige Skill requires the following:

  • Once a 4* Titan has reached Level 60, you will need 4* Titans of the same Element to increase your Titan’s Prestige level.
  • Each Prestige Level has a number of slots that must be filled in order to progress to the next Prestige Level.
  • Prestige starts at Level 1, and maxes out at Level 10 for all Titans.
  • The number of Titans required to Enhance through each Prestige level will change as the Prestige Level increases.


  • Using a duplicate Titan is twice as effective as using a different 4* Titan of the same Element. Save your duplicate Titans for higher Prestige Levels, when more slots are required (i.e. Enhancing a Totec using another Totec will fill two slots when upgrading Prestige level).
  • It is recommended you use 4* Titans at Level 1 when Enhancing your chosen Titan, as levelled 4* Titans will provide no additional benefit when doing so.
  • Every past, present and future 4* Titan has a Prestige Skill, so pick your Prestige Titans carefully.

Titan Prestige unlocks exciting new battle mechanics in Dawn of Titans – from boosts to base stats, new Invoke effects, Omega Troop buffs and more. 

Take your best attacking Titan to a whole new level of power and decimate your opponent’s lands, or enhance your favourite defending Titans, crushing all who dare to raid your territories.

With Titan Prestige, many of your favourite Titans now have unique Prestige skills. Here are a few examples:


More Prestige Skills will be revealed in the coming days! Remember, every past, present and future 4* Titan will have a Prestige Skill!

Expect deep, exciting and challenging battles ahead – Titan Prestige will be available to all players on 1.38 before the end of June

Please note: whilst we roll out this feature in 1.38, you may encounter some 4* Titans that do not yet show their Prestige Skill when viewing their skills – this is intentional, and is not cause for concern – once the feature has launched for all players, all 4* Titans will have a Prestige Skill available to them.

Look out for in-game messaging over the coming weeks for more information and, as always, we’ll see you on the battlefield!