Update 1.37 Patch Notes


Dawn of Titans’ new update – 1.37 – is now available to download on Android and iOS. 

Here’s what you can expect:

New Gods!

The Shattered Kingdoms have reached an impasse. The factions are at an imbalance, with many resorting to prayer and sacrifice in the hope that new Gods will answer their cries for help. Out in the furthest reaches of the universe, these cries have been heard… Long forgotten deities stir… War is coming!

Get ready to INVOKE the power of new Gods, coming soon to Alliance Wars!

Baba Yaga arrives!

BABA YAGA – totemic, supernatural ancestress appears from the depths of the forest. Believed only to be myth in ancient Mossmane folklore, she represents the dark side of wisdom and the power of knowledge and intelligence in warfare.

The community-designed Titan, BABA YAGA, is finally here! Gather your allies and prepare to attack when she arrives in the Alliance War event, FEAR AND FORTUNE, this March! 

Congratulations again to the winner of the Design-a-Titan contest, TALON WARLOK, for their incredible Baba Yaga design.

A new Alliance Event type will launch soon!

Get ready for a whole new way to play! Face off against unique, formidable foes and prepare yourself by joining a large, active Alliance and maximising your Titans’ potential to compete. We are looking to launch this new event in early April (subject to change).

New 5* Relics will be added to the Divine Altars!

Gold weaponry of myth and legend makes it way to Dawn of Titans! Look out for these Relics getting added to the Divine Altars soon. Additional information on these Relics’ effects will be provided closer to their launch.

New Divine Titans

Two new Divine Titans are coming to the Divine Shrine – NECROSA and LIFESPARK. These Titans have powerful, dynamic abilities that can turn the tide of battle, even in the most dire circumstances. Look out for a follow-up blog post and Livestream with more details on these Titans’ skills and when they will appear.

Divine Shrine Changes

Over the coming weeks, we plan to roll out a number of changes to the Divine Shrine Altars. We have taken your feedback on board, and plan to implement several alterations that we hope will improve the overall experience of acquiring Titans and Relics through Divine Gems. As with all changes such as this, they may not be final and are subject to change in future, depending on feedback from the community. We look forward to your response.

New Assault Maps

Multiple new Assault Maps have been added into 1.37. This will provide much greater diversity of levels during future Assault Events. There are now 10 maps in total.

Changes to Quickmatch

Improvements have been made to the Quickmatch button to find more appropriate opponents during leaderboard events.

Troop Balancing Update

We’ve increased the base stats of a number of troops. These changes are as follows:

    • Increase Base Damage by +10-20%, across Castle Levels 16-25
    • Archers should be more viable against Horde troops. But their raw damage output didn’t match up to the total health of the Horde. This change is intended to mitigate that gap.
    • Increase Base Critical by +1-15%, across Castle Levels 11-25
    • This change will make it easier to cap Critical on Grenadiers, thus freeing up relic slots for other stats, adding a bit more diversity in loadouts that use Grenadiers.
    • Increase Base Health and Armor by 20-30% across Castle Levels 16-25
    • Whilst Panthers bring speed to battles when attacking, their viability on defense has decayed over time. This change is intended to mitigate this shortfall when placing Panthers on defense.

Shard Altars

We will soon be rolling out new Altars to the Temple that allow you to directly acquire RELIC SHARDS. These Shards are forging material used for upgrading the level of your Relics. Relic Shards have no effects, and always drop at max level – giving you the highest amount of Relic XP possible per rarity. These Altars will come with a Daily Discount that applies to your first use of the Altar each day.

*Note: for reference, a 4 STAR LVL1 Relic has an XP Value of 3000.

Player XP Increase

We have increased the amount of Player XP (experience that applies to your Player Level, seen in the Player Profile) earned through PvP battles. This amount has been doubled for all players across all levels.

Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed a number of bugs in this release. Some notable mentions are:

  • Fix for crashes and freezes that can occur during Loadout and Battle.
  • Fix for a crash that can occur when transitioning into the game after tapping on a Push Notification.
  • Fix for issue with profile synchronisation across multiple or new devices that share a Google Play or Gamecenter account.
  • Continued improvements to cheater-detection and prevention systems.

We value your feedback on the new update, as well as about anything else in the game. We look forward to hearing from you on our social channels. For direct feedback, tune in and comment on our DoT Livestream every Wednesday at 4pm GMT on Facebook and YouTube.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dawnoftitansofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dawnoftitans
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dawnoftitans/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/dawnoftitans

See you on the battlefield!