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Update 1.36 will start rolling out to players this week. Here’s what you can expect:

Meta Changes

As the meta of Dawn of Titans has changed over time, several troops have become weaker than the rest. In response to this, we are implementing the following changes:


Critical Bonus Value increased from 3x to 4x

Rate of Fire increased from 8 seconds to 7 seconds.

Grenadiers are meant to be a ‘glass cannon’: they are slow moving, slow firing, deal high damage but are killed easily in melee combat.

To help amplify Grenadiers skill set, increasing their Critical Bonus Value and altering their Rate of Fire will improve their standing within the meta.

This will also affect the Omega equivalent troops.


Rate of Fire increased from 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds.

Archers have less range and damage then Grenadiers, but have a higher fire rate and armor piercing potential. To amplify their skill set, we have increased the rate of fire to improve their standing within the meta.

This will also affect the Omega equivalent troops.


Militia act as a general all-round unit, but recently their survivability has dropped as the meta has evolved. We have decided to increase their health by 15% to make them more viable.

This will also affect the Omega equivalent troops.

We will continue to monitor these changes over time, and make further improvements in future.

New 5* Relics

We will be adding two new 5* Relics into the 5000 Divine Gem and 500 Divine Gem Altars. 

A new Berserker and a new Paladin Relic will be added in 1.36.

No 5* Relics have been removed from either Altar.

Asgardian Blade (Paladin)

Axes of War (Berserker)

Old 5* Relic Stat Improvements

As the meta has evolved over time, several of the original 5* Relic stats have become less valuable.

These have been updated to be more in-line with the current meta. If you own any of the original 5* Relics, the stats will update automatically – you will not need to obtain these Relics again.

PLEASE NOTE: None of the Relic effects will change, only the value of the current effects.

RelicOld StatsNew Stats
Guardian 5*Dragonslayer36% Titan Resist All Damage60% Titan Damage48% Titan Health45% Titan Resist All Damage70% Titan Damage90% Titan Health
Champion 5*Earthshaker24% Titan & Troop Melee Resist50% All Troop Damage40% All Troop Health40% Titan & Troop Melee Resist65% All Troop Damage65% All Troop Health
Berserker 5*Shadowdancer95% Titan Ranged Resist60% Titan Damage48% Titan Health95% Titan Ranged Resist70% Titan Damage90% Titan Health
Infiltrator 5*Nightwhisper250% Titan Armor Pierce50% All Troop Damage40% All Troop Health250% Titan Armor Pierce65% All Troop Damage65% All Troop Health
Paladin 5*Divinetouch24% Titan, Troop Ranged Resist50% All Troop Damage40% All Troop Health35% Titan, Troop Ranged Resist65% All Troop Damage65% All Troop Health
Ranger 5*Stormbringer30% Titan, Troop Armor Pierce50% All Troop Damage40% All Troop Health35% Titan, Troop Armor Pierce65% All Troop Damage65% All Troop Health

We may make further changes to these Relics in the future, but we believe these are solid improvements to the original values. 

New Conquest Maps

Multiple new Conquest Maps have been added into 1.36. This will provide a much greater diversity of levels during each Conquest Event. There will now be 3 variants of each level, ranging from Levels 1 to 9.

Conquest Point Scoring

The Point Scoring system within Conquest has changed. Points will only be awarded when a unit is killed, instead of awarding points as its health decreases.

This change is not related to gameplay or battling, it has been changed to make the Event more secure, future-proof, and to prevent issues which were seen during the Helga event. 

This will not affect or change the overall points earned per level, nor have any impact with the balancing of the Event.

Repeatable Campaigns

After a long wait, repeatable Adventures have finally arrived to the Adventurer’s Guild!

Each week, three Adventures (12 Levels) will appear, representing a specific faction. 

They will be the main source of Player XP and will award 4* Economy Relics for completing the final Adventure. 

They will unlock at Castle Level 11. The levels are difficult and are only recommended for higher Castle Level players (Castle Level 11-25).

The Adventures will change at Season Rollover.

The table below shows the layout for the 12 Levels.

Melee and Ranged Resist

Melee and Ranged Resist stats will now appear on the Troop and Titan Info screens.

Updated Battle Drops

Battle Drops have been updated for Plinth Levels 8 – 25. They will now include all the Elemental Resist variants (3* and 4*) for Runic Tattoo, Goliath Belt,  Ragged Pauldrons, Frost Shield etc.

Clear-All Troops Button

We have added a Clear-All Troops button. This will remove all your troops in one tap, instead of tapping each individual troop portrait, when choosing your army for battle.

The Eternal Shrine

We are soon approaching Dawn of Titans’ 3rd Anniversary! 

As we reach this milestone (December 7th), we will be making a small change to the Eternal Shrine alongside a cool, celebratory Event. 

You will find out what the small change is during the anniversary.

Updated Plinth Defences

As the Dawn of Titans meta has evolved over time, we have noticed a significant shift in the balance of offense over defense. This has a major effect on the war game and provides players with fewer options to protect their lands.

Whilst we will continue to revisit this issue over time, we are making two initial changes to help improve this problem.

  1. All lands level 16 and above will now contain 1 additional stationed defender (the permanent troops on each land).
  2. We will also be altering the time it takes for defences to cast non-summoning spells. This should make your spells on defense more effective when you are being attacked.

Stationed Defenders on Garrisons LVL 24 / 25

Currently when you reach Castle Level 24, your stationed defenders will always be the following:

  1. 3x Grenadiers
  2. 3x Imperials
  3. 3x Panthers

This causes a small but noticeable advantage to Titans that increase the stats of these specific Troops. To help even the playing field for all players, the stationed defenders will change to the following:

  1. 1x Militia
  2. 1x Archer
  3. 1x Pikemen
  4. 1x Grenadier
  5. 1x Imperial
  6. 1x Goliath
  7. 1x Panther
  8. 1x Storm Maiden
  9. 1x Horde

We will continue to monitor these changes and make further improvements where necessary.

New Winter Titans

Get ready for new Winter Titans (including a new Ice Guardian) to be introduced to the Dawn of Titans universe.

Army Score

The Army Score is the number you see on Lands and Garrisons. This is meant to represent the overall “power” of the player’s Titan and Army. 

The current Army Score did not take all resistances into account. These stats have now been added to the Army Score calculation to help make it more accurate for players.

PLEASE NOTE: This score does not affect the power of your Titan or army, it simply represents all their current stats rolled into one number. This change does not affect any actual battle stats for Titans or Troops.

Improved Cheater Detection

We have again made improvements to our cheater detection systems, including several upgrades that make it easier and faster to identify cheaters and hackers.

Please note: If you see a player you think is cheating, please report it to our support team. Whilst we continue to improve our systems, the community’s help is equally valuable in making Dawn of Titans a fair experience for all.

Rollout Plan

Our regular rollout plan for each release involves having the majority of features turned off until the new version is available for everyone across countries and platforms.

Unfortunately, with the amount of improvements and features within 1.36, it will not be possible with this version.

We will therefore try to increase the speed of our rollout to all players as much as we can. We will also extend the first set of Repeatable Campaigns to 2 weeks, so no player misses out. 

What’s next?

Beyond version 1.36, the team is hard at work making new content and improvements to Dawn of Titans, including new features,Titans, Relics, Levels and more. 

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about all of the changes above, so head over to Facebook or Twitter to let us know!

See you on the battlefield!