Upcoming event schedule


Due to the cancellation of this week’s Livestream, we wanted to bring you the upcoming Event information and schedule through our blog!

Please note that the information below is not final, and certain aspects may be subject to change.

Upcoming Two-Week Schedule:

  • Brumhilda Alliance War Event – Spark of Life
    • Thursday 14th November – Monday 18th November
  • Construction Frenzy
    • Monday 18th November – Tuesday 19th November
  • Temple Takeover
    • Tuesday 19th November – Thursday 21st November
  • Egyptian Alliance War Event – The Divine Mother
    • Thursday 21st November – Monday 25th November
  • Relic Temple Event – Resistances
    • Tuesday 26th November  – Thursday 28th November

Brumhilda Alliance War – Event Details:

Brumhilda arrives to the Shattered Kingdoms.

PLEASE NOTE: These Skills are all fixed.

Brumhilda also arrives with 2 new Relics.

The following Milestone Rewards are as follows:

RewardSoul CountReward Name
1251x Event Token
25050x Portal Stone
3751x Daily Bonus Token
41001x Relic Token
5250100x Gems
65001x Event Token
77502* XP Potion
8100050x Divine Gems
91250250x Gems
1015002* Mask of Midas
1117502* Halstad LVL 15
1220001x Event Token
13225075x Portal Stone
1425003* Whetstone
153000100x Divine Gems
1635003* Labrys
1740003* Hakon LVL 15
1850004* Runic Tatoo
196000100x Portal Stone
2070001x Event Token
2180004* Red Hare
2290001000x Gems
23100001x Epic Token
24110004* Shield Of The Gods
2512000150x Divine Gems
26130004* Banner of the Storm
27140004* Brumhilda
28150004* Brumhilda’s Helm
29160002000x Gems
3017000300x Divine Gems
31180004* Brumhilda’s Belt

RankingReward Name
1Lvl 40 Brumhilda
2Lvl 30 Brumhilda
3Lvl 25 Brumhilda
4 to 5Lvl 15 Brumhilda
6 to 10Lvl 10 Brumhilda
11 to 50Lvl 5 Brumhilda
51-100R4 Storm Rune
101-2504000x Gems
251-5003000x Gems
501-7502000x Gems
751-10001600x Gems
1001-2000600x Gems
2001-10000200x Gems

Design a Titan – Baba Yaga:

The team are working hard to bring our Design-a-Titan winning entry to life – Here’s an exclusive look at where we’re at so far, and be sure to tune in to future livestreams for further updates!: