Upcoming event schedule


Due to the cancellation of this week’s Livestream, we wanted to bring you the upcoming Event information and schedule through our blog!

Please note that the information below is not final, and certain aspects may be subject to change.

Upcoming Two-Week Schedule

Calvarax/Astaroth Alliance War Event – Hallow’s Eve
Thursday 17th October – Monday 21st October

Undead Theaters of War
Monday 21st October – Wednesday 23rd october

Construction Frenzy
Wednesday 23rd October – Thursday 24th October

Alliance War Event
Thursday 24th October – Monday 28th October

Relic Solo War Event
Monday 28th October – Wednesday 30th October

Wednesday 30th October – Thursday 31th October

Halloween Alliance War Event
Thursday 31st October – Monday 4th November

New Update – 1.35

Our new update has almost arrived – we’ll have more details in next week’s Livestream, but look out for the new version hitting app stores soon. This update features:

  • Relic Forging now allows for up to 12 Relics to be used per Forge.
  • New adventures coming soon to the Adventurer’s Guild.
  • Improvements to Titans walking in circles during battle.
  • Halloween and Holiday season Titans and Relics.
  • Bug fixes, including fix for Relic effects not applying to certain Garrison battles.

Astaroth & Calvarax Alliance War – Event Details

Astaroth and Calvarax return to battle, re-skilled.

PLEASE NOTE: The only Skills not fixed on Astaroth are the second Elemental resists on Skill 2 and 3.

The first Halloween Event also arrives with a new Relic.

The following Milestone Rewards are as follows:

Cursed Axe

+Goliath Armour
+Goliath Health
+Goliath Ranged Resist

Reward #Soul CountReward Name
125Event Token
25050x Portal Stone
375Daily Bonus Token
4100Relic Token
5250150 x Gems
6500Event Token
77502* XP Potion
8100050x Divine Gems
912502* Mallux LVL 15
101500300x Gems
1117501x Bone Dreg
122000Event Token
1322501x Bone Dreg
14250075x Portal Stone
153000600x Gems
1635003* Madrea LVL 15
1740003* Ancestral Heart
1845003* XP Potion
195000900x Gems
205500Event Token
2160001x Bone Dreg
2265004* Skeleton Ring
237000Epic Titan Token
2480004* Blood Vial
2590004* XP Potion
26100001x Bone Dreg
28120004* Cursed Dagger
29130001400x Gems
3014000100x Divine Gems
31150004* Ancestral Heart
32155001x Bone Dreg
34170004* Urkon’s War Paint
3518000350x Divine Gems
36190004* Cursed Axe