Update 1.34 Patch Notes


Update 1.34 is now available to download. 

Here’s what you can expect:

New 5* Relics

  • We will be adding 2 new 5* Relics into the 5000 Divine Gem and 500 Divine Gem Altars: 
  • A new Ranger and Infiltrator Relic will be added in 1.34. 
  • During the next few releases we will be adding more 5* Relics (1 for each Class).
  • No 5* Relics have been removed from either Altar.

4* Economy Relics

All current Economy Relics will now have a 4* variety and will effect the following:

  • Troop Training Time
  • Troop Training Cost
  • Spell Crafting Time
  • Spell Crafting Cost
  • Farm Food Production
  • Gold Mine Gold Production

Economy Relics will be added to PvP Battle Drops.

Neutral Land Refresh Cost

Currently refreshing Neutral Lands, located in the middle of the Shattered Kingdoms, costs Food. We have decided to change this to Gold, as Food is required as a currency in more areas than Gold.

Troop Damage Against Titans Skill

This Skill has been removed from Dawn of Titans. The Skill has slowly became redundant as the Dawn of Titans meta has evolved. 

For all current players who have this Skill on a Titan, it will change to be the relevant Troop Damage Skill.

Reduced Training Time

With many Plinths to defend we understand training troops for attacks can be time consuming, therefore we have decided to reduce training time by 30% for all Troops.

Relic Filtering

Relic Filtering now sorts in order of A-Z when using the rarity Up / Down filter. This small improvement will help with the navigation of Relics and Titans.

New Conquest Maps

New variants of Level 1 and 2 of Conquest have been created. They have specifically been designed to speed up the initial battles.

Level 1 Alternative

Level 2 Alternative

We will continue to add more map alternatives in future releases for the Conquest Event.

Warp Core Stat Changes

The Warp Core is the Event Relic that increases the amount of Points earned when destroying a Corrupted Land during Conquest Events. Alongside the Point boost it also provides Damage and Health boosts for the Titan and Army, depending on rarity. 

We have decided to increase the Damage and Health boosts for all rarities of this Relic. This will also effect any Warp Core players currently have in their inventory.

Here’s a breakdown of the changes:

Warp Core 1*
Additional Effects (OLD)50% All Troop Attack
50% All Troop Health
Additional Effects (NEW)75% All Troop Attack
75% All Troop Health
Warp Core 2*
Additional Effects (OLD) 75% All Troop Attack
75% All Troop Health
Additional Effects (NEW) 125% All Troop Attack
125% All Troop Health
Warp Core 3*
Additional Effects (OLD) 100% Titan and All Troop Attack
100% Titan and All Troop Health
Additional Effects (NEW) 175% Titan and All Troop Attack
175% Titan and All Troop Health
Warp Core 4*
Additional Effects (OLD) 150% Titan and All Troop Attack
150% Titan and All Troop Health
Additional Effects (NEW) 250% Titan and All Troop Attack
250% Titan and All Troop Health

New Assault Maps

2 new Assault maps have been designed to add extra variety to the Assault Event.

Ragnar Themed Level

Mossmane Themed Level

We will continue to add more Assault maps in future releases to provide extra variety for Players.

New Egyptian Titans

Get ready for new Egyptian Titans to be introduced in the Dawn of Titans universe!

Improved Cheater Detection

We always strive to improve our cheating detection systems. We have made several improvements to our system to make it easier and faster to catch cheaters and hackers.

Please note: If you see a player you think is cheating, please report it to our support team. While we continue to improve our systems, the community’s help is equally as valuable in making Dawn of Titans a fair experience for all.

What’s next?

Beyond 1.34 the team is hard at work making cool new content and improvements to Dawn of Titans including more 5* Relics, features and Titans. 

As mentioned in the latest Dawn of Titans live stream, this includes fixing particular Titans walking in circles and increasing the amount of Relics that can be forged from 4 to 12. We will be revealing more features as we get closer to their release.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about all of the changes above, so head over to Facebook or Twitter to let us know!

See you on the battlefield.