Upcoming Schedule


Due to the cancellation of this week’s Livestream, we wanted to bring you the upcoming Event information and schedule through our blog!

Upcoming Two-Week Schedule:

Drakor Alliance War Event – Ashes of War
Thursday 12th September – Monday 16th September

Titans Unleashed (Infiltrator Takeover)
Monday 16th September – Tuesday 17th September

Theaters of War / Temple Takeover (Ice-Themed)
Tuesday 17th September – Thursday 19th September

Pick-Your-Titan Alliance War Event
Thursday 19th September – Monday 23rd September

Kingdom Rush
Monday 23rd September – Tuesday 24th September

Altar of Plenty (Void-Themed)
Tuesday 24th September – Thursday 26th September

Egyptian God Alliance War Event
Thursday 26th September – Monday 30th September

New Update – 1.34:

Our new update is nearly here – we’ll have more details in next week’s Livestream, but look out for the new version hitting stores within the next 2 weeks. This update features:

  • Includes powerful new Titans & Gods for upcoming events! 
  • Brand new 4* Economy Relics that boost your resource generation and training times.
  • A new way to filter your Relic Inventory – alphabetically!
  • Neutral Lands are now refreshed with Gold.
  • ‘Damage against Titans’ skills replaced with ‘Troop Damage’ skills.
  • You can now see Titan levels in the Season Rewards screen.
  • Additional anti-cheat mechanics and hacker detection tools.
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Drakor Alliance War Event Details:

Drakor, one of the original Titans, returns with new fixed Skills.

The Ashes of War Event also arrives with 2 Drakor Relics.

Drakor’s Gift

  • Titan, Troop Fire Damage
  • Grenadier Armor Piercing
  • Imperial Health

Drakor’s Gauntlets

  • Titan Armor Piercing
  • Grenadier Damage
  • Imperial Ranged Resist

The event’s Milestone Rewards are as follows:

Reward #Soul CountReward Name
125Event Token
25050x Portal Stone
375Daily Bonus Token
4100Relic Token
5250250x Gems
6500Event Token
77502* Drake Scales
8100050x Divine Gems
912502* Kattash LVL 15
101500300x Gems
112000Event Token
12250075x Portal Stone
133000800x Gems
1435003* Kazut LVL 15
1540003* Drake Scales
164500Event Token
1860004* Flame Volley
197000Epic Titan Token
208000Event Token
2190004* Fire Ruby
2210000Neykar LVL 1
23110004* Flamberge
2412000150x Divine Gems
25130001600x Gems
26140004* Scorched Vial
2715000Drakor LVL 1
28160004* Drakor’s Gift
2917000300x Divine Gems
30180004* Drakor’s Gauntlets

We hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming events, and as always, we’ll see you on the battlefield!