Update 1.33 Patch Notes


Update 1.33 is now available to download – here’s what you can expect:

Relic Inventory Size Improvements

Currently, the maximum inventory size for Relics is 500 slots. We understand the frustration around this number due to the amount of Relics available. 

This has taken a long time to increase due to profile issues. When 1.33 is available, to all players, we will be adding an extra 10 levels to the maximum inventory size (this equals an extra 100 inventory spaces in total).

We will continue to look at this issue and may increase Relic inventory size again in the future. As a development team we want to make sure no profiles, on any device, are affected by this change.

10000 Divine Gem Altar Changes

We have decided to separate the 10000 Divine Gem “Event Titan” Altar into 2 separate Altars. 

This will consist of “Divine Titans” at 12000 Gems and “Event Titans” at 8000 Divine Gems.

Divine Titans – This Altar will now only consist of the current 4 exclusive Titans (Oni, Huntress, Chernobog and Belobog). Each Titan will have an equal drop rate.

Event Titans – This Altar will also contain of the 4 exclusive Titans, at Level 1, alongside other powerful Titans.


The Huntress, bound by duty, uses her heightened senses to destroy the Oni.


Oni, a powerful demon, summons 2x Ω Militia, 2x Ω Archers and 2x Ω Spearmen into battle.

5000 Divine Gem Altar

We will be adding 2 new 5* Relics into 5000 Divine Gem “Unique Relics Altar”. A new Champion and Guardian Relic will be added in 1.33. 

During the next few releases we will be adding more 5* Relics (1 for each Class).

No 5* Relics will be removed from the Altar.

The New 5* Relic stats are shown below:

5* Champion Relic

5* Guardian Relic

Interesting fact: Sverd og Skjold means Sword and Shield in Norweigan

500 Divine Gem Altar Changes

Several improvements have been made to the 500 Divine Gem Altar. 

  • Mjolnir and Sverde Og Skold have been added, as the other 5* Relics are already available from this Altar, at a lower drop chance.
  • 3* Titan XP Relic has been removed, 4* Titan XP Relic is still available but at a lower drop chance
  • More powerful 3* and 4* Relics, which are normally available in Events, have replaced relics including Goliath Belt, Dragon Helm, Kite Shield etc. 

New Egyptian Titans

Get ready for new Egyptian Titans to be introduced in the Dawn of Titans universe.

Support for a new Event Type

We have added support for a new mid-week event type, more will be revealed at a later date.

New Conquest Maps 

With the introduction of the Horde troop we have decided to make several new levels for the Conquest Event. This will add extra variety and new content for the Event. The new levels will only be available once 1.33 is available to all players. 

Updated battle drops to include more Void Relics

The PvP drop pools have been updated to include more Void Relics.

Improved Cheater Detection

We always strive to improve our cheating detection systems. We have made several improvements to our system to make it easier to catch more cheaters and hackers at a quicker rate.

Please note: If you see a player you think is cheating please report it to our support team. While we continue to improve our systems the communities help is equally as valuable in making Dawn of Titans a fair experience for all.

Horde Balancing Improvements

In case you missed it, during 1.32 we increased the health of the Horde unit by 40%. 

The Horde unit was designed for its initial charge damage to be high, but the unit itself is dying too quickly in battle, making it difficult for the unit to survive through battle. 

We believe these changes will help increase the survivability for the Horde while not losing its unique utility. 

Tier I, II and III Horde Skills (Damage, Armor Piercing, Critical, Armor and Health) have increased by 60% to improve their viability for lower Castle Levels.

What’s next?

Beyond 1.33 the team is hard at work making cool new content and improvements to Dawn of Titans including more 5* Relics, features and Titans. We will be revealing more about these as we get closer to their release.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about all of the changes above, so head over to Facebook or Twitter to let us know!

See you on the battlefield.