Update 1.32 Patch Notes


Update 1.32 is now available to download – here’s what you can expect:

New Element – Void

As the Gates to the Underworld open, a new Element has been introduced into Dawn of Titans, the Void. Be prepared for new Void Titans, Skills, Relics and more. As the VOID rises, a new horde emerges to spread devastation across the realm! This content will become available in upcoming Events.

Spellsurge: Terror

Terror will deal a burst of damage upon casting in 1.32. This change is being implemented because Terror, for a lot of players, is underwhelming compared to a spell like Freeze. Since the Terror Spell makes enemy units run away in fear it effectively stops, or reduces, the damage you can do unless you chase the enemy.

League Reward Improvements

Fighting for promotion and being active in leagues should provide more benefits to players. To help with improving Leagues we will be adding the following features:

Titan XP Scaling based upon League

Titans will now receive extra XP depending on what league they are fighting in. The XP changes are shown below:

LeagueTitan XP MultiplierExample Titan XP Per Battle

Divine Gems

We will be adding Divine Gems as rewards in Legend, Master and Champion Leagues. Alongside Events, this grants another way to earn Divine Gems, which will help in the collection of powerful 5* Relics and unique Titans.

Pre Levelled Titans

In the current League System, Titans awarded as end of Season Rewards, are always at Level 1. In 1.32 players in higher leagues will be awarded Titans, depending on their final League position, between Level 1-10.

NOTE: Please note that you will not be able to see the Level of each Titan reward, in the league rewards tab, until 1.33 is released. We have implemented this change in update 1.32 to make League Rewards more appealing, but will add the visualisation of Titan levels within 1.33.

More Rewards for Alliances

More Alliances will now receive rewards in Legend, Master, Champion and Elite Leagues. Fighting in these top Leagues should reward more Alliances for their effort.

As an example, previously in Legend League, only the top 20 Alliances receive Gems during the end of Season Rewards. In the new update all Alliances in Legend will now receive Gems. It will act as an added reward for fighting and staying in these top Leagues.

Relic Filtering

We have added new functionality to Relic Filtering, making the process of finding, fusing or forging Titans and Relics easier. You can now filter by individual rarities, allowing you to only show 3* Relics for example.

What’s next?

Beyond 1.32 the team is hard at work making cool new content and improvements to Dawn of Titans including new 5* Relics, features and Titans. We will be revealing more about these as we get closer to their release.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about all of the changes above, so head over to Facebook or Twitter to let us know!

See you on the battlefield.