Update 1.31 Patch Notes


Update 1.31 is will be available to download soon – here’s what you can expect:

Ranged and Melee Resist

In Update 1.31, we will be introducing a maximum cap to Ranged and Melee Resist. The cap will be introduced to fix an issue where ranged and melee resist could reach 100%, allowing Titans to fully resist Ranged or Melee damage.

• The cap for Ranged Resist will be 95%.

• The cap for Melee Resist will be 80%.

Berserker Relic Changes

With the introduction of the Ranged and Melee Resist cap we will be reintroducing the 5* Relic Shadowdancer in the Dawn of Titans Universe.

• The Shadowdancer Relic will be reintroduced into the 5000 Divine Gem Altar.

• The Shadowweaver will be removed from the 5000 Divine Gem Altar.

• For any player who currently has a Shadowweaver relic, it will be transformed into the more powerful Shadowdancer relic after 1.31 is live for all players

The Shadowdancer has the following attributes:

+95% Resist against Ranged Damage

+44-60% Titan Health

+32-48% Titan Damage

Shield and Rage Spell Buff

We want all spells to be effective and useful during specific battle scenarios. Following on from the past two Spellsurge Events we have permanently buffed RAGE and SHIELD.

• RAGE spell’s DAMAGE MULTIPLIER and RADIUS has increased by 100%, while it’s Duration has reduced by 50%.

• SHIELD spell’s DAMAGE ABSORPTION and RADIUS has increased by 100%, while it’s Duration has reduced by 50%

This will make Rage and Shield more effective during the initial encounter against enemy opponents, allowing your Titans or Troops to deal increased damage in a shorter time.

Poison Cloud Spell Buff

Poison Cloud allows players to zone areas of the map, allowing for damage over time for any enemy that passes through it. Poison Cloud’s damage output, compared to other spells, is low and it does not provide the zonal capabilities it should. Because of this we have decided to increase the damage output of the spell.

• POISON CLOUD Spell has increased by 40%

Storm Maiden AI Improvements

We have received a lot of community feedback about the way Storm Maidens handle on the battlefield. From this feedback we have decided to tweak Storm Maiden AI. This will hopefully give you greater control over Storm Maidens as they choose targets closer to themselves.

• Storm Maiden Troops will no longer choose enemy targets far away from their current position.

What’s next?

Beyond 1.31 the team is hard at work making cool new content and improvements to Dawn of Titans. Over the course of the next few months the team will be working on the following:

• NEW TITANS added to the game, including a legendary Titan that summons Ω Spearmen in battle…

• Other cool features are being developed for release 1.32, including improvements to Spells on defence. We will reveal more info on these features as we get closer to their release.

• We want players to fight hard in their respective alliances, to battle for promotion, create rivalries and attempt to dominate their league. To improve the League system we will be adding some small additions to League Rewards and extra benefits for being in higher leagues.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about all of the changes above, so head over to Facebook or Twitter to let us know!

See you on the battlefield.