Anti Cheat Blog

Greetings Titans!

As you’ll no doubt know, we’re constantly working to improve the way we detect and take action against players who cheat, hack, or otherwise exploit the game.

Today we wanted to share two important steps we’ve taken over the past weeks, along with why we think they’re going to make a big difference.

Firstly, in the past we have issued a mix of temporary and permanent bans in Dawn of Titans depending on the circumstances surrounding the offense. However, in future, all ban for cheating, exploiting or hacking will be permanent.

Secondly, we’ve made changes to the way we process cheaters. Historically, because our ban process was automatic, it could only identify and ban for very clear cut cases of cheating. While this took care of the obvious cheaters, it left room for less clear cut cases to slip through the net. What’s more, for non-automatic bans, we were relying on you to assist us in identifying and reporting suspicious characters for our team to investigate.

We’re happy to say that we’ve now introduced a new system which helps automatically flag suspicious characters to our team. These are players that don’t make the cut for automated banning (which will continue), but are still playing outside of normal limits. With this measure in place, we hope to be able to identify and action more cases of cheating/hacking sooner.

There’s still more work to be done and we have lots of small changes planned over the coming months which will, collectively, make big differences to the state of the game.

With all that said, we still need your help! If you come across players you suspect are cheating, hacking or exploiting, let us know and we can take the necessary action.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us in reducing cheating in Dawn of Titan, and see you on the Battlefield!