Design A Relic – Art Phase

Greetings Titans!

In Stage 1 of Design A Relic, you picked the all-important stats our new community Relic would feature.

Now that we have the stats, it’s time to decide how this brand new relic should look! Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Draw your design!

Here you can use any format – whether it’s a digital drawing or pencil and paper sketch, all that matters is you come up with a creative idea that fits in the Dawn of Titans universe. Oh, and your drawing must fit within a square canvas (no rectangle/long designs please!).

Step 2: Send us your design

Once you’ve created your artwork, visit <link> and upload your image along with the other information requested. Entry will close at 12:00PM GMT on Monday 11th March.

Step 3: Short listing

When the entry phase ends, we’ll host a series of knock-out polls on our Facebook page to decide our finalists. Our final shortlisting poll will close at 12:00PM GMT on Friday 15th March

Step 4: The final decision

As with every step of this community event, we want you to have the ultimate say. We’ll put the two most popular entries (as decided by you) to a final vote on Facebook to decide which artwork should make it into the game. The finalist poll will close on Sunday 17th March and we’ll formally announce the winner on Monday 18th March.

The Prizes

As though getting your artwork immortalised forever in Dawn of Titans wasn’t enough, we’ll also be offering up the following prizes:

Facebook Album semi finalists: 20,000 gems and the final relic when it launches in game

Facebook poll finalists: 50,000 gems, the final relic, and a signed Dawn of Titans poster