Design A Relic

Greetings Titans and welcome to DESIGN A RELIC!

In our latest community event, we’re giving you the chance to leave a lasting mark on the world of Dawn of Titans by helping design a special in-game relic!

Over the coming weeks you’ll have the opportunity to decide the stats, come up with the artistic design, and of course name a relic that will make its way into Dawn of Titans.

The event will be split into three phases, detailed below:

Phase 1 – Stats

Great relics need great stats. We’ll be offering you the opportunity to vote for the stats you think our community relic should have. In total we’ll have three polls:

Poll 1 (starts TODAY – 22nd Feb)

Poll 2 (starts MONDAY – 25th Feb)

Poll 3 (the winners from Poll 1 and 2 – starts WEDNESDAY – 27th Feb)

These polls will run on our Facebook and Twitter pages, so be sure to keep your eye on them!

Phase 2 – Art (Early March)

In our second phase we’ll ask you to send us your artistic impressions for how you think the relic should look in game. This isn’t about your artistic skill, your creativity is what counts! We’ll be taking a selection of our favourite entries and putting them to a public poll to decide the winning entry, which will then be sent to our Artists to create a faithful recreation of your design!

Phase 3 – Naming (Mid-March)

In our third and final phase, we’ll ask you to put the final touches to our community relic by coming up with the all-important NAME! Once again we’ll take our favourites and put them to a public vote to determine the winner.

Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels as we’ll be talking more about each phase as they approach. Oh, and for those who enjoy a good set of terms & conditions, we’ve provided a full run down of the rules below.

See you on the battlefield!