Athena – Gods Arise

Hearing tales of a new land which boasts great champions, vast riches and rewards beyond measure, the Gods of Olympus have arrived in our world eager to show their prowess.

Gods Arise launches TODAY and brings with it a host of brand new God Titans inspired by the epic mythology of Ancient Greece.

The Gods of Olympus, extremely powerful in their own right, also bring with them the unique ability to summon powerful units to battle at any time, bringing new levels of strategy and tactical gameplay to the forefront of Dawn of Titans.

The first God to arrive is Athena the Warrior Goddess, with the ability to summon mighty Omega Storm Maidens to battle. These axe-wielding warriors deal vastly more damage and move much faster than regular Storm Maidens.

Pick up powerful new relics: Golden Apple and Plumed Helm to further increase the damage and health of your Omega Storm Maidens, regular Storm Maidens and your other Lightning Titans.

Athena is available to unlock as part of the Warrior Goddess event, live now! In case you missed it, check out our latest Live Stream for a closer look at Athena!