Goliath Changes

Greeting Titans,

Goliath fans rejoice! We have some exciting new changes coming to Ragnar Goliaths shortly. Read on for the full rundown.

As you’re probably aware, Goliaths are intended to be the ‘meat shield’ or ‘tank’ of your army – standing in the front line and protecting your more fragile troops from enemy ranged units. Currently, however, they just aren’t maneuverable enough to perform as a defensive unit and often struggle to engage with faster more agile units. With this in mind, soon we’ll be introducing a change to make Goliaths both larger and faster on the battlefield, which we believe this will greatly improve their defensive capabilities.

But that’s not all! While Goliaths have great base Health and Armor, they have traditionally lagged in terms of Elemental Resist stats, especially on Relics. As Dawn of Titans has evolved, this has impeded their survivability on the battlefield. To rectify this, we will soon be introducing 3* and 4* Goliath Belt Relics with POISON, LIGHTNING, FIRE, ICE and EARTH RESISTS as rewards in upcoming events.

As always we’d love to hear your feedback, so be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter to let us know your thoughts.

See you on the battlefield!